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Roughest coaster

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Toss up between a few woodies:


The Villain -Geauga Lake

Big Dipper -Geauga Lake

Mean Streak -Cedar Point

Psyclone -SFMM

Ghostrider -Knott's


Because of these rides, I hate woodies. But, I do want to ride the Gravity Group and Intamin pre-fab ones, along with a few others (like The Beast), before I decide Woodies are evil


Woodies are evil?! That's blasphemy!!!

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Hi, I'm new here, so I thought this would be a good topic to start in!


What is the roughest rollercoaster you have the (un)pleasure to ride on? Sorry if this has been asked before.


For me, Definately Son of Beast. I have ridden in the middle, back and second to front row and each ride gives me a painful experience, at this point I only ride it because it is (for now ) the only hyper at Kings Island.


And yes, I have ridden Mean Streak. I rode in the Second row of the 5th car and it was very smooth, I really enjoyed it!

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This one's an easy pick for me - Predator at Darien Lake


Sad thing is, I rode it once shortly after Six Flags took over ('99 I believe), and it was actually pretty good and very fun. Then I rode again some 7 years later and felt like my spine would crack in half! If ever there was a poster child for the word "Retracking", this would be it!

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1.) Viper @ Great Adventure - I love the fact that I can say I was on it, just to say I was on it...but the expeirence was quite painful. I remember the shoulder restraints pushing down really hard on the bony part of my shoulder. Ay yi yi.

2.) Manhatten Express - Loved the location/scenery but it was an absolutely terrible ride.

3.) Mean Streak @ Cedar Point - Awful.

4.) Predator @ Darien Lake - Painful.

5.) I think I'm probably in the minority on this one...but I have to include Wildcat @ Hershey. I've never enjoyed this ride with the exception of the first drop and I don't feel the new trains made any difference.

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I'd have to say the roughest is the Mighty Canadian Spine (mine) buster and Canada's Wonderland.


I thought it made Meanstreak feel smooth! After 1 ride on minebuster, I had to take a break and the headache followed in minutes, and the bruises on the rib cage lasted for days.


Cedar fair needs to seriously rethink this ride - either take it down and replace with an Intamin woodie or retrack/reprofile the ride!



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It was really rough and I felt it in my back at the bottom of each hill/ drop from the transition from dropping to going back up. I've been on a lot of coasters and I've never felt anything quite that bad. Usually I don't mind coasters that most people consider 'rough' such as Manhattan Express or even Rolling Thunder at SFGADV. I'm guessing that they haven't done much work on the Cyclone or its trains recently.


I would still suggest riding it if you're in the area, because it's an old classic woodie. There are some other cool things in the area such as the wonder wheel, the wacky worm (big apple) with a 'transfer track' loading station, and nathan's hot dogs. I only took one ride on the cyclone and it was in 2:1 (second car, front row). My friends had a bad ride in 1:4 also.

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^^ When we were there we saw advertisement for 'the future of Coney Island' on the street that goes from nathan's hot dogs to the boardwalk/ beach where the thunderbolt used to be. Coney Island is in a very bad neighborhood, so I woudn't be suprised to see it shut down eventually or only have the Cyclone.


Anyways, this is probably the wrong topic for this, so I'll stop talking about Coney Island.

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