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  1. What would coasters be like on the moon? Sweetness, pure sweetness. I've always dreamed of walking on the moon, and riding a coaster there is like the best of both worlds!
  2. ^^Ha ha. That's just about the worst comedy I've ever seen on a forums board, and I've read quite a few.
  3. http://www.kicentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=11233&pid=230133&st=5550entry230133 The picture shows some rusted-colored Hyper track being loaded into a truck And at this point is a much more realistic time for track to be found as such. . .
  4. I figure that since it is taking me so long to collect cutom Scenery I should continue with Construction and add Landscaping and scenery later. So the Latest from the park The Area Around Grand Carosuel is done for the most part Thunder Bobs are some of my favorite rides and for that reason the park decided to add them! Space Shot, an S&S Space Shot ride, has been constructed. The park said it will shoot up 3 times for added fun and excitement! Construction Continues over on the west side of the park, and with those supports that narrows the possibilities. . . Also these crates have appeared. . . And this site has popped up! More Soon. . .
  5. ^^No, He's saying that since it has a chain lift it's a coaster, not roller coasters have to have chains. Like Jets are Airplanes but Airplanes aren't Always Jets. And I've seen these discussions many times, and in the end it's never one or the other. Do You count this as One Coaster or 2? Kings Island Counts it as One Do you count this as a Roller Coaster? Kings Island Does
  6. In My book, a Roller Coaster should: Have Rails or Track of some sort Have Trains traveling around the Track Have Trains that End (Which Means No Himilaya Rides) Have Some Elevation Change of some Sort Have a Definate Load/Unload Area Must Return to Said unload Area (Which Means like Water Slide type rides don't Count) And this ride fits all that criteria. I say go ahead and add it!
  7. There's really nothing wrong with inverts at all. Thy're really fun! Like I allways say, "Would they make a coaster a certain way if it was negitive? No, they make coasters a certain way so people can have a good time!"
  8. Well I have not ridden El Toro or the Voyage, so for me right now I have to say Millennium Force is almighty. It's huge, It's got speed, it's got g-forces, it's got airtime!
  9. ^It didn't used to look like that at all. That Ravine has Completly Transformed.
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