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  1. I'll be here, praying to the amusement gods that Sally gets brought in to design something new. Every park needs a solid dark ride.
  2. I wonder if taking out Boomerang makes enough room for an Intamin Mega-Lite/Chance Hyper GT-X.
  3. IIRC, Mega Zeph had a little work done during the 2004/2005 off-season that included removing the trick track. The hill preceding that element then led into a speedy straightaway before turning around to finish the run. She ran really well in 05 before Katrina. I miss that zippy little ride.
  4. I wonder if Cedar Fair has a GCI family woodie in store a few years down the pipeline. Mean Streak is looking great.
  5. Hopefully this addition has extra funding budgeted for a refurbishment of Superman. A fresh coat of paint and improved station/rolling stock would really benefit the crowds coming in!
  6. Hell, I'll take a traditional chain lift at this point.
  7. Honestly, they should've waited for Ninja's refurb to be done so they could launch it with the New Revolution name and VR experience simultaneously. It's right next to the Great American Scream Machine, anyway. That would've been a cohesive themed area for the park and a capacity win for the VR. Or is that just me?
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the New Revolution VR experience made its' way over to Ninja Hawk once the ride was re-established. A smoother ride experience with that ride's capacity would have the potential to work much better than it does on Dare Devil Dive.
  9. I was really hoping SFOG would complete the Topper Track conversion with Cyclone and add a barrel roll on that third hill that hugs the lift without making it a huge, flashy reprofile. I guess it's either not worth the rest of the conversion or slated to become an Iron Horse. Don't really care how they rebrand Ninja as long as they don't use those giant-themed Titan/Goliath/Colossus trademarks. Hurricane would be cool since it'll be blue and over water. And please please let there be a huge custom ridiculous out-and-back piece of trash next year. For fun.
  10. Would it be possible for Dynamic Attractions to be involved? They've worked with Universal on Forbidden Journey as well as a few other projects, and they produced track for both the Space Mountain and BTMRR refurbishments. Were this true, this could still be largely a B&M project without 100% being a B&M project, y'know?
  11. What if a Six Flags park built a hotel? Not saying it's big enough to support that. One of the things that separates SF/Cedar Fair from the bigger park operators (Disney, Universal) is the lack of on-site lodging. Hey, Dollywood's doing it.
  12. It'd be nice to have a home park again. I still have my 2005 season pass in a memory box with a few other pre-Katrina items. In case you didn't know, we do refer to our lives as "Pre Katrina" or "post-Katrina" down here. It was a huge shift in our lives. As for the park, I believe SFI never received the insurance money it was owed anyway. If that's the case, I don't blame them for fighting their way out of the 50+ year lease they had negotiated with New Orleans. It's crooked that they technically stole rides and equipment from the city for use in other parks, but the city wasn't exactly interested in stopping them with more important projects on their hands. There honestly isn't a "good" spot for a park here. Way too expensive to demolish or even refurbish this place. And so, the park will sit. Until it collapses on itself, probably.
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