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  1. Toss up Between Flashback at SFMM Mind Eraser at SFNE Deja Vu at SFMM Jet Star at the SC Boardwalk(first drop "wham" really packed a punch)
  2. Now, if we could just get someone to ressurect a Turbo so I don't have to fly to Aussieland to Ride it. (Though that's not out of the question). I recently saw a movie in which there was a defunct amusement park(Outside of Berlin). I started jumping up & down in my seat because I thought I saw Turbo cars in the scene. Unfortunately it was a Zombie movie, so quite innapropriate to be geeking out about a ride, & it turns out it was no Turbo, but some weird German Skybucket ride.
  3. Yo Folks! We recently realized that for me, Chance Rides really have defined what a carnival is for me. Not only my undying adoration for the Zipper, the gut busting Skydiver, or the only one left in existence magnificent TURBO(In Australia). And of course the awkward(yet for many the only version of a coaster that ever came around as a kid in a small town), the Toboggan. I know there are a couple of them fixed in international locations, but can anyone tell me where in the U.S. I can find one? Are there any carnivals like Butler or RCS that still travel with one? I should probably put it to rest, riding the Hurricane last year was a big mistake(all the lights had electrical tape & something fell off & hit the car as we rode & the impact really hurt). But once I get a nostalgic hair, I can get obsessive.
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