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Worst Ride Name

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Everyone keeps mentioning Scream as a terrible name. I would imagine that Magic Mountain's Scream takes the cake here, but what about Fiesta Texas' and New England's? Atleast Fiesta Texas has some sort of originality and theming built into the ride's name.


As for my worst pick, it would have to be Dragon Wagon or Manhattan's Express name change to Roller Coaster. Just awful!

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Viper and Goliath at Six Flags parks. The names mean nothing. Heck, Goliath at Fiesta Texas isn't even big.


I agree on the Goliath name at SFFT. They could have easily have gone with El Toro and it would have been fine and it would have fit the theming for Los Festivales......but Nooooooooooo, they went with the stupidest choice that didn't even make sense.

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I've got several naming trends that I don't care for:


-Any name with more than four large words (ex: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is okay but Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum is not)

-Using a name on multiple unrelated attractions (ex: using Flight Deck on several different coasters is okay since they all share the same theme, but using Goliath on several unrelated coasters of different types isn't)

-Using a generic name unless it is the model name of the attraction (ex: calling an S&S tower Space Shot is okay but calling an Intamin tower Drop Tower is not)

-Adding "The Ride" or "The Coaster" to an attraction name (ex: Apocalypse the Ride, Batman the Ride, etc.)

-Using the format of "Property: Subtitle" (ex: Green Lantern: First Flight, Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom, etc.)


As for actual worst name, I'd probably have to go with either Gotham City Gauntlet Escape from Arkham Asylum or Drop Tower. As for worst naming in the context of a park, Coast Rider being put into the same park as GhostRider. For most overused name, Goliath.

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Any of the SkyScreamers


I'll add WindSeekers too! As well over used names like "Wildcat" and "Racer"!


Whistlestop Park is kind of a bad name for a kiddie area, it was fine when it was Thomas Town, but take out Thomas the Tank Engine from said kiddie area and you got yourselves a "disaster" area at a Six Flags park!

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some others that I forgot to add in my first list!


. Devil's Hole (too evil)

. Haymaker (WTF!)

. Speed: The Ride

. All names of the Kidzopolis rides

. Jambo (It means "hello" in Swahili, but it makes for a horrible ride name!)

. Tidal Wave (O.K. for a water ride, but not for a coaster!)

. Boomerang (overused)

. Aero 360 (bad name in general)

. Dr. Doom's Free Fall

. Shockwave (overused)

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all other superman related,



Starry sky ripper,

dog fart coaster,

KAALIMATO (which is also a nickname for vibvib's)

stuff like this


I would like to agree with this person!

I'll add anything with 'X' in the title as well.

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^ I don't get why people think that's a bad name. I mean, "Race for your life Charlie Brown" (The movie) is about a river rafting competition... and the ride is a log flume... I think it fits.


Agreed, I think it is a appropriate and witty name.

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