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Worst Ride Name

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I don't think Cheetah Hunt is a bad name. Yeah sure Cheetaka would have been better, but the name could have been worse.

The 'Pepsi max big one' is in my opinion the worst. Its such a fairground rollercoaster name that comes every year up town sort of name.

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^^Though I agree, (I think renaming it Speed Monster, and repainting the track dark blue and the supports black would be awesome) it's obvious that they wanted to keep the ride as recognizable as possible with the public; we all know how easy it is to make the public think that the old ride was demolished and a new one was put in simply by changing the name, color, and adding on-board audio.

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Ride of Steel at Darien Lake. When they lost the Rights to Superman they did the most unamaginitve re-name ever.


I agree with Doug, Ride of Steel is a horrible name, that is like Son of Beast named "Ride of Wood" (Now, Son of Beast sounds like a nice name)

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Ride of steel is definitely lame. With all the natural beauty of Upstate, they could have taken inspiration for a better name. How about Drop Tower instead of Drop Zone as well?


Oh, and instead of Eejanaika, how about we find out what the japanese phrase for "F*** this ride!" (As Robb so eloquently put it) is, so we can call it that instead?

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The one I like most:


"Fuwa Fuwa Osora No Dai-Bouken (Fuji-Q Highland, Japan)" - to be honest, I've got no idea what it means, I read somewhere about it that it's something profane like "Hamster Coaster", but it sounds quite pretentious ("Why don't you like me anymore?" - "Well, I think you got so pretentious." - "Pretentious, moi...?").

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