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Worst Ride Name

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Instead of starting a new thread about this I thought I'd dig this thread up from the grave

One of the worst names Ive seen for a coaster is Son of Beast. That has got to be the stupidest coaster name in the history of ever. Wicked at Lagoon Park sounds pretty bad too, because whenever I hear it I think of witches and musicals

DiVertical sounds pretty bad (God I even hate its name, Im not even giving that ride a chance ) and iSpeed is just bad. 2 more crap names, also from Italy, are Sequoia Adventure and Magic Mountain.

Finally, so many Asian coasters have awful, generic names. Such as "Stand up Coaster" "Diving Coaster" "Looping coaster" (which has no loops) plus so many more Ive read in TPR's asian trip reports.

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Cheetah Hunt.

Seconded. Sounds cheesy, especially if you compare to the other coasters at BGT. Wish they would have gone with "Cheetaka" or whatever was rumored.


I'm also not a fan of Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit. If it takes you 5 seconds to say the friggin thing, it's too long. Nice coaster though!

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^I feel Engrish ride names should be exempt.

Yeah theyre not bad, just funny

Though I still find it odd that parks in Japan that can afford multi-million dollar rides cant afford a translator to make sure the things they name their rides dont come off as absolutely ridiculous. I think Fuji-Q did well with this though, most of their coaster names are in Japanese and sound cool, somewhat intimidating.

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Agreed on Cheetah Hunt, it should have been named Cheetaka, it would have fitted more in with Sheikra, Monta, Kumba etc etc.


Also agreed on HRRR... I still dwell on why the naming committee came up with... that mouthful... haha. My dad has a speech impediment and cannot physically say the ride's name, not exactly great for inclusion to all guests aye?

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