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  1. My favorites: Lamb Of god Children of bodem Iron maiden Trivium System of A down Korn Alice in chains Arch Enemy
  2. My favorite scary movie is Dead silence, now puppets creep the hell out of me.
  3. ^ I couldn't agree more, or as my geography teacher put it "The entire twilight sereis is a waste of a forest." And what kind of vampire movie has no blood and gore?
  4. I play Bass and drums, drums for six years, bass for 3 years, I own two bass's, and a six peice drum kit.
  5. Sbarro and chick-fil-a are my favorites, exept for the whole "closed on sundays" thing chick-fil-a does. In n out's pretty good to.
  6. My gamertag is DirgeSlugXx, and im currently playing Halo Wars, COD world at war, gears of war 2 and sometimes team fortress two.
  7. How exactly do you get more weapons?
  8. There seems to be a problem with the download, it says it cant find the file?
  9. That is definitely the best coaster ive seen you make, exept I would bank that cornor coming out of the loop.
  10. Since i'm not really one for story lines ill just post some pics of my newest park which needs a name, if you have a suggestion please post. Comments Criticism. And however finds the peice of B&M track can name the new coaster. SCR14.BMP The Alpine Cafe SCR13.BMP SCR15.BMP
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