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  1. My favorites: Lamb Of god Children of bodem Iron maiden Trivium System of A down Korn Alice in chains Arch Enemy
  2. My favorite scary movie is Dead silence, now puppets creep the hell out of me.
  3. ^ I couldn't agree more, or as my geography teacher put it "The entire twilight sereis is a waste of a forest." And what kind of vampire movie has no blood and gore?
  4. I play Bass and drums, drums for six years, bass for 3 years, I own two bass's, and a six peice drum kit.
  5. Sbarro and chick-fil-a are my favorites, exept for the whole "closed on sundays" thing chick-fil-a does. In n out's pretty good to.
  6. My gamertag is DirgeSlugXx, and im currently playing Halo Wars, COD world at war, gears of war 2 and sometimes team fortress two.
  7. How exactly do you get more weapons?
  8. There seems to be a problem with the download, it says it cant find the file?
  9. That is definitely the best coaster ive seen you make, exept I would bank that cornor coming out of the loop.
  10. Since i'm not really one for story lines ill just post some pics of my newest park which needs a name, if you have a suggestion please post. Comments Criticism. And however finds the peice of B&M track can name the new coaster. SCR14.BMP The Alpine Cafe SCR13.BMP SCR15.BMP
  11. This really is probably one of the best looking RCT2 park ive seen on these forums.
  12. My 8 cars dies after 5 minutes, sends me an error message and closes, Any help here?
  13. 4 hours at disney world waiting to get on the monorail on new years, it broke down for an hour an a half, and we wound up walking.
  14. Been a while since youve uploaded a park here and it looks great as always.
  15. I got a new RCT2 disk, and I recovered some of my old files, so now I present to you currently No-name brand park (A name would be really helpfull)! Park Storyline: In a world without amusment parks, people face certain bordem. But there is a glimar of hope, for there is one man who put an end to all this madness. One man who can create fun and exitment, and he is Millionare playboy Mr.slark, he spends his days creating expensive gadgets to make coasters and rides more fun in his personal undergroud secret layer at slark amusments! Can ironic man put an end to this insane bordem, find out next week on Ironic man! SCR6.BMP Revolver SCR5.BMP The entrance! SCR4.BMP Sledge SCR3.BMP Overview SCR2.BMP Crash Canyon from another angle SCR1.BMP Crash Canyon
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