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  1. I've lived less than 3 hours from Lightning Rod, The Voyage, and Kentucky Kingdom's RMC (soon to be RMC's?) – for seven years – and have never ridden any of them. Time for that to change. Anything else in a day's drive of Nashville I'm leaving out?
  2. That speed coming through the zero-g roll ... and the speed in general ... can't wait to ride it in 2078 when Sea World Entertainment finally gets a handle on their 2+ billion in debt!
  3. Thunderbolt at Kennywood requires smaller riders to sit on the right side of the train, because of the ridiculous lateral G's on those right turns. A lot of these rides, Thunderbolt included, sound awful to ride with strangers... but it wasn't the worst thing in the world riding Enterprise on a date
  4. This is so cool. Do we have any other data like this, from other rides? Would be awesome to see if anything else in the coaster universe goes from +4 g's to -1 g's so aggressively.
  5. Excellent reports and photo compositions, Condor. Really enjoyed reading these. You have a way with words. I used to op Skyrush so I am incredibly partial to it myself [see avatar]. Sad to hear about the closure of that path. It was awe-inspiring to watch that thing fly across the water and absolutely truck over the airtime hills, and to observe the unique distribution of thrill/terror/pain on every train.
  6. Uncanny memory – but I recall Villain at Geauga Lake being an absolute nightmare. Also, OG Hurler at KD. Ouch.
  7. Say it ain't so!! I thought I saw a new way to get to it (through a building) on the Candymonium POV. Did you happen to see if it's also blocked from the side that goes under Comet, by the Rush entrance? I have a really hard time believing they would just merc a path, let alone one of the best paths in the park, for no reason.
  8. Same here! There are a few 'reaction videos' on YouTube but I figured the thread would be popping off by now. As a displaced PA native and former op there, I'm dying to hear what it's like. There is also a backseat POV out there somewhere... but don't watch it!! If you do, someone will come to your house, retrofit your favorite seat with Skyrush lap bars, staple you, and leave.
  9. 1. Alpengeist – Oldschool B&M forces, snappy inversions, massive height & speed. 2. Montu – Cool theming and layout (loop after the MCBR?!). Points docked for a slow 2nd half. 3. Talon – This coaster is a sleeper. Great layout featuring a little bit of everything. Extra points for the color scheme. 4. Great Bear – I've never understood the hate on this coaster - perhaps, in part, because I used to op at Hershey and ran it a few times (but mostly Skyrush). Super forceful, incredible layout given the topography, a visual and sonic icon of Comet Hollow. Unfortunately, that same topogra
  10. Thankfully we didn't get another embarrassing NoLimits POV like we did for Skyrush and Fahrenheit Still though, some info on the coaster would be nice, but I'm sure we'll get that in due time (it's in the simulation).
  11. Wasn't there a rumor floating around in the pre-Skyrush years about a two-coaster contract with B&M? Maybe we'll finally see that fulfilled. Either way that layout sure looks Swiss (though I'm still praying Intamin, of course).
  12. If you stop by the height station on your way to the front gate, an employee can officially measure him and will give him a wristband showing his official height category. This will save your little brother the headache of being measured (sometimes twice) at every ride he comes to. Just some food for thought
  13. I headed over to the park after work yesterday for my first lap of the year, and Skyrush sure didn't disappoint. When riding in the left outside seat of the second row, the slowing of the lift was very noticeable, and unfortunately neutered what is possibly my favorite part of the ride. Then again, the front rows always go over the top slower, so the effect could've been exaggerated. I was hoping to have a second go in the back row, but the line was too long (One-train operation on a fair-weather Saturday). Oh well. I didn't notice much change to the trains themselves-- the restraints felt
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