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What was your first B&M Coaster?

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Being the first B&M coaster, I figured I'd share some early pics of Iron Wolf and related stuff (and just in case I haven't said it enough times, the ride was great and ride-able back then!)


Tidal Wave is easily the most missed ride at Great America. Of course, Iron Wolf had it's fans, too:



Inverted coaster test seat by Iron Wolf loop:



The park gave us sticky-pads:



A cool pennant with Tidal Wave and Vortex standing in for Shockwave (Great America had 2 "Waves" before CP had 2 "streaks"):



There was also an Iron Wolf "blueprint" that was a rendering of the ride on blue paper (not a real blueprint).

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Not totally sure, but probably (in this order)


Inverted - Raptor

Hyper - Diamondback

Stand-up - Mantis

Floorless - Dominator

Giga (if you count this as seperate) - Leviathan

Wing - Not yet, almost certainly will be GateKeeper


I don't think I've been on any other model of B&M

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^ Good idea, here's my first of all the types too:


Inverted: Top Gun at PGA (I'm listing the old names cause that's what they were when I first rode)

Stand-Up: Vortex at PGA

Floorless: Medusa at SFDK

Flyer: Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAm

Hyper: Raging Bull at SFGAm

Sitting: Incredible Hulk at IOA

Dive Machine: Griffon at BGW


Haven't been on a Wing Rider yet.

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Inverted: Dragon Challenge (Dueling Dragons at the time) (IOA) (my first B&M)

Stand-Up: Riddler's Revenge (SFMM)

Sit-Down: Incredible Hulk Coaster (IOA)

Hyper: Silver Star (Europa Park)

Floorless: Kraken (SWO)

Flying: Manta (SWO)

Dive: SheiKra (BGT)


I haven't been on a B&M Wing Coaster or a Giga Coaster yet (if that counts separate from the hyper).

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First B&M Coaster was Riddler's Revenge in 2000. I fell in love with the coaster at the time and for a while it was one of my favorites.

These days I don't feel quite the same about it, has not aged well at all! I'll usually give it a quick courtesy ride or 2 when visiting the park, but that's about it.

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First ever: Air at Alton Towers


Inverted: Nemesis at Alton Towers

Dive: Oblivion at Alton Towers

Flying: Air at Alton Towers

Sit Down: Dragon Khan at PortAventura

Hyper: Silver Star at Europa Park

Wing: Raptor at Gardaland

Floorless: Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Standing: Riddlers Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain

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