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What was your first B&M Coaster?

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Kumba at Busch Gardens. Opening year...I was terrified as I didn't like coaster much back them. That ride is pretty much what changed me into a real coaster enthusiast!


This is pretty much what happened to me too. I rode it in 1994 when I was a sophomore in high school. It singlehandedly turned me into an enthusiast. It still delivers too. It blows me away every time I ride it.

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Montu in the summer of '96. It was almost Kumba but it was closed for annual maintenance.


Hardly anyone at the park so my sister and I just rode it over and over. I will always remember it as being the coaster that got me more into coasters and also learning that inverts don't have to bash your head alla home park Top Gun SLC

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Great Bear at Hersheypark in 2002. Granted my very limited experience with coasters at the time and the night setting, it was a crazy intense ride. When I finally got back in 2012, Great Bear still didn't disappoint even with Ratpor and Batman clone experiences since 2002. Great Bear may not be the most intense or longest out there, but it's above average and serves its purpose well.


Mantis was the sophomore slump of the B&Ms for me. Although, B&M stand-ups are pure bliss compared to TOGO's Shockwave and almost every SLC.

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B:TR at Great America. It was 94 I think, and I had been terrified of looping coasters. I skipped some that I wished I had gone on, and finally someone convinced me to go on Batman. We were with a group, and decided to get in line really late shortly before the park closed so we wouldn't waste their time, just my dad and I. The ride broke down as we got in line, but we were told we could stay and they would do their best to fix it. The wait was getting long, and I was getting nervous, so I made a deal with my dad that we would leave in 15 minutes if it didn't get going. The park was long closed by this point.


Just over 14 and a half minutes later (I was totally watching the time), the ride started again. I was terrified. I got up to the station, and we got somewhere in the middle. When we got back, they offered us to ride again if we wanted. My dad said let's go, and I said no way and buckled back into the ride for another go around.


I got off it and thought I was going to hurl, but thought it was amazing. Even though I had been to a bunch of parks before that point, that ride and experience single-handedly is what got me so fascinated with the amusement park industry

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