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  1. Yeah, people in Florida are freaking out on facebook about the RRR issue. "Coasters arn't safe, blah blah blah". Yeah, whoever said 'slow news day' was spot on, lol.
  2. I was the one with the kid that's 51" and was going to 'force' him on stuff. I was just kidding.. I thought the way I worded the whole post(who would openly admit that?)that it was quite obvious that I was being sarcastic, but I guess not. It is funny that someone mentioned putting shoes on to make them taller. He actually recommended that idea when I told him he wasn't going to be tall enough to ride Montu. Then I explained the whole reason why restrictions are in place, and he understood.
  3. I was just being sarcastic? He's actually pretty excited about it. Last time we were there he wanted to ride but wasnt tall enough
  4. In May I plan on taking my 5 year old to Busch Gardens Tampa.. I'm pretty much just going to force him to ride anything he can get on. He's 51" right now so he can get on anything but the B&M's (I think?).. And if he tries to bug out of it, I'll just shame him into getting on.
  5. It's pretty exciting to see a park grow like this so close to home. Definitely looking forward to giving this place a try next time I'm in Orlando.
  6. I want to travel back in time and destroy Baauer before he ever makes that stupid track.
  7. Already Visited: Busch Gardens, Tampa Late May: King's Island, Cedar Point. (yay!)
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