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  1. I believe it is going to be at Winter Wonderland in Hyde park from November 18th,can't wait to ride this again after first riding it in its first year at Oktoberfest
  2. Email received, Thanks Robb,can't wait till the event now,see you on the 12th!
  3. Fantastic news! Only five more weeks,not that i'm counting!!
  4. Amazing news! So looking forward to my first West Coast Bash! Only six more weeks!
  5. Nice report! Definitely one to add to the bucket list! The park is superbly themed but I expect nothing less!!
  6. Bought my tickets! Can't wait to finally attend a WCB and see some awesome friends!!
  7. A-Afterburn-Carowinds B-Balder-Liseberg C-Cu Chullain-Tayto Park D-Dragon Khan-Port Aventura E-El Toro/Expedition Geforce(can't decide which one!) F-Fahrenheit-Hershey Park G-Goliath-SFOG H-Helix-Liseberg I-Intimidator 305-Kings Dominion J-Jetline-Gronalund K-Kumba-Busch Gardens Tampa L-Lightning Racer-Hershey Park M-Maverick-Cedar Point N-Nemesis-Alton Towers O-Orkanen-Farup Sommerland P-Piraten-Djurs Sommerland Q- R-Rutchebanen-Tivoli S-Skyrush-Hershey Park T-Twister-Gronalund U-Untamed-Canobie Lake Park V-Vampire-La Ronde W-Wodan-Europa Park X-X No Way Out-Thorpe Park(although that will change after WCB in Sept!) Y-Yankee Cannonball-Canobie Lake Park Z-Zoomerang-Lake Compounce
  8. Excellent news! September can't come quick enough!
  9. Efteling have done a fantastic job with the theming on this new ride,looks awesome!
  10. I always visit Alton on a sunday due to the above reason,but I went on the same sunday and have to agree the incident has definitely affected visitor numbers! Looking at ridetimes.co.uk on Saturday when the weather was fantastic the q-times rarely got above 30 minutes even for Rita which usually hits 60 minutes at the very least. I think this will be the case for the foreseeable future which is a real shame for the park.
  11. Nice trip report Neil! It really was a great family park,nicely landscaped and as you touched on the staff all over the park were superb! Even better was the fact that the coaster was walk on the majority of the day and that the staff let us reride if there was no one waiting! And it was good to meet you medoman! I can definitely see this park having an annual visit from myself,and I look forward to seeing what else they have in store as the park expands and if the installations are of the same quality as Cu Chullain it will become a must visit park!
  12. Really looking forward to riding this on the 17th June,looks a good ride!
  13. Awesome, look forward to seeing you both again!
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