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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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There are SO many classic quotes from the CP Facebook post with the new rendering of the front gate:


that ride looks like corkscrew...

UM...no it doesn't. Dumbass.


this coaster should of been put in years ago

Sure, before the technology was even developed.


What happened to the Parking lot?? But then who cares? I would walk a mile to go to Cedar Point.

The parking lot is where it has always been.


I've been to Kings Dominion. Rode "The Beast".

Hmmmm..doubt it.


Is it finally ready? Opening day is May! so excited!

Yes. It is ready and running in mid February.


looks like they are losing alot of parking lot.



when does cedar point open

The epitome of lazy. Just do a search on the internet.


hey its X from Six Flags Magic Mountain!



Is this all gonna be finished for this season??

I certainly hope so! Dumbass #2.


Call me stupid, but I did not picture the track running across the front of the park. I thought is was all along the beach. I guess it really is the Gatekeeper. Lol.

Ok. You're stupid.

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^Here is another one from the same post!


i love roller coaster but this on is were your body is off the track


??????????? I mean technically this person is right, but the spelling and just the classic GP-ness makes me laugh.


P.S. Say GP-ness without the G.

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These were on the SFA FB page, and me laugh my ass off:



"Do You Have a Good Work Ethic? Looking for Work That's Actually Fun? This is a Work From Home Position*Pick your own Hours. Earn up to $100-$200 per day as an Independent Internet Referral Agent. Get Paid DAILY! Full Training in Place. Must Have A Computer, Internet & live in the US. Friend Me & Message For More Info! ~God Bless"


^ It came out of nowhere in the comments on the picture of the new park sign.


"First off.. We didn't win anything.. Your located closer to the Washington Redskins then Baltimore Ravens. I am sorry but Baltimore does not need a congrats especially from a company located in PG county where 99 percent of the fans bleed burgandy and gold."


^ This guy got so offended that SFA congratulated the Ravens on their new sign. My favorite part is when he said, " a company located in PG County."


"Godd six Six Flags America"


^ wtf?


"if the giants win, SFDK takes superman."



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wh would you go to Kings Island??? Cedar point the roller coaster Capitol of the world is like a 3 hour drive farther into Northern Ohio...tallest roller coaster there can see Canada on a clear day... I think it is 730+ feet high?


Well if they are thinking of TTD's height, they are off by a Giga Coaster.

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Reading the CP FB site just makes me chuckle about how many people think they need to post that it is their birthday, I swear half the people going opening day it will be their birthday.


Another thing is how many people post that they are injured somehow or pregnant.

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This isn't on Facebook, but this one was on TPR's Youtube video of the Rita (Alton Towers) POV.


(me) "Is Desert Race a clone of this?"


(some random guy who obviously isn't into this kind of stuff) "no its a clone of corkscrew"


How does one find similarities that great between an Intamin Accelerator and a Vekoma Corkscrew to call them a clone?

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Oh god this is going to be a freaking disaster...


Yep. I was right.

I have a couple favorites for that one:

Flux capacitor

On ride photo camera


It might be something on the new ride

Gives you free food

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Knott's Berry Farm posted a photo of "Coast Rider" construction on Facebook. The comments were the true spectacle to behold.


Just like test track at legoland..

How dare a park that is more than an hour away from another park get a coaster just like the one at that park (yeah, I tried to make it confusing)


yay another kiddie ride! 6 flags here i come!



Need bigger roller coasters like they have six flags MM .

Where are you going to stick all these big coasters in at Knott's buddy? Knott's has more flats and family attractions. I'm not dissing SFMM, but all they really have to draw on is coasters. Too many coasters at Knott's would truly ruin the park


Should've removed bigfoot rapids instead... or even boomerang.

You mean rides that didn't have horrible wait/loading/unloading times? Yeah, let's really screw with the capacity of the park.


So, while the above were more opinion based I guess, here are the real kickers. The first one was the original comment and the second one was a response to it.


It's kinda like Windjammer surf racers
that's what I thought. At first, I thought I was looking at old construction picks from that old (and lame) ride.

Not only have they just insulted Mack Rides....but they obviously don't see this is ORANGE track and all the wild mouse turns at the top. There's one track, not two. Sheesh, how does it even come across looking like Windjammer?


This isn't really GP because it is an obvious troll, but I decided it'd be fun to share. I have no comments (apart from some making fun) for these so I just quoted all of them.They're from Cedar Point's Official Magnum XL-200 POV Video. They are all from the same person. Be ready to laugh at the butchering of grammar, spelling and intelligence as well. Behold internet troll-


dud my dad is ownere of cedar point and it gettin ture nown for a waterpark expansion
there tearin it downe as we speak (or watch) bot at lest ceadr point gave us one last monted pov (fyi pov stands for prespective of view)
my dad is owner of cedar point and is tearing it down himself
i can tell that youre f*****g stupid, if i were trolling and said my dad is owner of cedar point (which he is in real life btw) then it does not infer in any way that he works there but does not own it, f*****g dumpas*
^Yeah, he said dump. I don't get what he was trying to say here either
my dads owner of cedar fare
^His response when asked about his sources
havent we meaet before? and my dad owns cider fair



Trolls...making people lose faith in humanity one day at a time.

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Knott's Berry Farm posted a photo of "Coast Rider" construction on Facebook. The comments were the true spectacle to behold.


Just like test track at legoland..

How dare a park that is more than an hour away from another park get a coaster just like the one at that park (yeah, I tried to make it confusing)


Um, Coast Rider is a clone of Technic Coaster at Legoland California, so this comment is correct despite the person confused about the real name of Legoland's wild mouse.

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^In my post I didn't disagree that it is a clone. My point was this was going along with the complaining that it's a wild mouse coaster. The fact of the matter is, they were complaining that's what it is. Why is it an issue that a park that is over an hour away from another one can get a clone? Especially when their main markets are two separate cities. I think it's a perfect fit. That is exactly what I stated below that quote.


And yes, they are confused about the name.


Also, I found this while on Cedar Point's FB page-


you guys should make a bigger swing ride next year it should 500 feet

Cedar Point will soon become Swing Ride Capital of the World. The park will also have the tallest in the world and be the only park with two swing rides over 300 feet. I can see it now!

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I'm always amused by people who don't know what Facebook page they're on--Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Tampa. Last Sunday, BGW posted that they were closing at 5:00 due to especially bad weather. We had sleet and snow in Williamsburg, so I imagine there weren't too many people at the park, anyway, and most of the coasters couldn't be run due to the cold. Naturally, a number of people on the BGW Facebook jumped on the park for closing early due to "lightning" and a storm that was going to "pass" because that's how things are in Florida.


Dumb-duh-dumb-dumb . . .

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