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  1. Part of me wonders if one of the Dueling Single Rail coaster concepts is what is coming to Universal's Epic Universe (but maybe a higher capacity, more custom design). Universal has been working with Intamin quite a bit lately and everyone's attention was drawn to the mystery coaster in the concept art when it was announced.
  2. Did Nickelodeon own the Orlando resort (now defunct) and still operating resort in Punta Cana or is that also similar? The now defunct Nickelodeon Hotel was originally a Holiday Inn Family Suites that was then rebranded into Nickelodeon via a partnership. In 2016, Holiday Inn reverted it back into a Holiday Inn Resort. The decision is rumored to have happened for three reasons 1) Nickelodeon didn't have a presence in Orlando much anymore 2) The hotel needed many repairs and it was the perfect time to rebrand 3) Nickelodeon had just partnered with Karsima Hotels to open up the Nickelode
  3. Upon further inspection, it actually appears Hollywood Casino originally went after him for the name "Hillbilly Hollywood". After that, Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community went after him because of their Mystic Lake Casino, in which he ended up then petitioning their trademark. This seems to be a never ending battle that has since had him decide he wants to protect the name "Mystic" just like they have attempted to. Here's a summary of all filed protests for Adrenalin Attractions: http://ttabvue.uspto.gov/ttabvue/v?pnam=Adrenalin%20Attractions,%20LLC%20%20 Note the case for Mystic Timbers
  4. He is now attempting to pursue action against Kings Island/Cedar Fair. Not only that, but he is going after anyone using the words "Mystic". He had filed action against Mystic Lake Casino and all of their properties using the name "Mystic" previously. I also wonder how far these will go. But this story keeps getting crazier.
  5. Not entirely unsurprising as I was sure this is what it would be eventually (and more so once Be-Bop's closure was announced). What does surprise me, however, was that they fit it in on Be-Bop's old site but then didn't include the other kid attractions around. I figured it was going in there so they could theme and tie all the existing attractions in with the new ones, but this does not appear to be the case. And are they just moving Big Dipper in front of Zach's Zoomer to make it "Woodstock Express" or is it an entirely new coaster? It looks like they are bringing a different kiddie
  6. That's a good idea. As for the KC waterpark, I wouldn't be so sure about that. They made it clear to the local newspapers that they feel it could create synergy with Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun. Of course, they're looking into it still, but did state if they bought it, they would open it under a different name that is not Schlitterbahn. Either way, even if it was just a flip, $6 million doesn't seem too bad as an option. But with them wanting to close before the end of the month, I'm not sure if they'll finish the "fact finding stage" in enough time. They'll retain the brand for the Texas
  7. In this article, Investor Relations has released some info on the branding of the parks and some info on the Kansas City option: https://www.bizjournals.com/kansascity/news/2019/06/13/cedar-fair-schlitterbahn-sale-option.html In short, with the purchase of the two South Texas parks, Cedar Fair will take over the branding rights for Schlitterbahn. The Henry family will still own the South Padre Island location, but will have to rebrand seeing as Cedar Fair will not be changing the name of the other two locations (its still a "probably won't change the names"). As for Kansas City, it doe
  8. I can't stress the first sentence enough. Depending on which way you plan to drive, the Beer Scene between Kalamazoo & Grand Rapids is just astounding. If you like beer, then stopping at one or two of these is recommended (in Downtown Kalamazoo, Bell's is the place to visit but then visit the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange which has been voted one of the best bars. Beer prices there reflect actual buying trends, so its just like the stock market. Founders is a must visit in Grand Rapids as well, the atmosphere is great and they have terrific beer) I'm with Bill on the Dunes as well. Visiting
  9. Construction walls have gone up in the Triceratops Encounter area of Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure. Will be interesting to see if this turns out to be the thrilling rollercoaster that has been rumored to fill the void left by Dragon Challenge. In another interesting note, Screamscape reported that Universal has filed a trademark for "Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous". It is unclear if this is for the Orlando park or one of the overseas parks, however (as the Jurassic World franchises have performed really well worldwide). It could become the updated version of the present Camp Juras
  10. Yes, those are the rankings we have been referencing the past few pages. People will travel for any park they feel is worthy to spend a vacation at based on their tastes. If we were to go off of theming or all-inclusive in every day vacation taking, no one would visit anywhere but Cancun, Hawaii or someplace in the Caribbean. Regional parks vs. Larger Parks is a different question. The fact that SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa (both great parks and both in a large tourism market) pull in less than 500,000 more than Cedar Point, a seasonal park located in the middle of nowhere in a rel
  11. It's not. The closest animal attraction to Mako will be Wild Arctic. Mako is being built adjacent to Journey to Atlantis. They did announce that they were going to be pumping some money into a Shark Encounter renovation though.
  12. Some parts of it (from the structure to some of the queue structure) has already been recycled and re-used at other parks in the chain. They may be able to reuse parts of the layout and footers but they'll have to replace more of the structure on this one I feel.
  13. Well, if you do that, it will continue to come up as it did in your original post (and my quote box). The things you store your things in when you ride...yeah, those get filtered too. Just a heads up. And if you ever want to talk about that launch coaster with the big loop at Six Flags Magic Mountain, yep...filtered as well. Its all in good fun. Bill has a lot of them in his post above Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I really do hope that RMC Gwazi does keep a dueling aspect as two separate tracks. It would make it fun and unique. And boldikus!
  14. You might want to double check that! It's called a word filter. When you don't type out Steel Vengeance and abbreviate it, that's what comes up. It's even in your original post. The site automatically does it. And it's absolutely hilarious whenever it happens (especially when the new people realize it). There are tons of good ones out there Locker Full Throttle There's tons, man. Tons! Steel Vengeance did have quite a bit of media attention (even nationally) on opening day. It's a great ride. Yes. Best word filter ever, Steel Vengeance's enthusiast nickname is so silly. As fo
  15. While yes it is just a marketing thing, marketing does go a long way! Especially for the GP. Building a record breaking coaster at one of the most popular amusement parks in the country (where it had been anticipated for quite some time to replace Mean Streak) does make it extremely high profile! And yes, steel vs. wood is only determined by the type of track, but what they use to support the ride is NOT irrelevant! Wood structures handle support different than steel structures. Wood structures also have to be strengthened and replaced, and also have a bit more of a sway factor. The s
  16. ^So does a Zamperla Air Race. They did just get a Zamperla Endeavor. There's a lot that can fit a flying theme!
  17. I can totally buy that it is. And seeing as it sits in a prime piece of land at the edge of the park, it was prime for removal. There aren't many Flying Dutchmen models around and Vekoma has since upgraded the technology for new generations of it. For that reason, I wouldn't be surprised if parts are harder to come by for the older models. Batwing at SFA is stated to be closed for the season and Firehawk has had a lot of downtime. To close a ride and scrap it while utilizing the parts to keep Nighthawk going is a pretty good plan. Would I love for it to be a new coaster for Michigan's
  18. I really hope its not Vortex, but I totally accept the possibility that it may be! My final prediction is Firehawk, with Vortex not far behind. Firehawk has low ridership and has been known to be a maintenance problem. It could make total sense for the ride to removed and the parts to be used to support Nighthawk at Carowinds (much like Stinger does for Invertigo). Vortex, while it is known to be rough, still does get a lot of ridership. Firehawk has a flying theme so that could fit with the air being quiet. That also fits Vortex as well, however. Removing Firehawk gets rid of a l
  19. I did hear about this...when it happened 11 years ago . As stated above, it is an old article. I was on Magnum this past weekend and she was running fine...right up to the ejector air on the return trip (and the bruised thighs to prove it...but still love it!)
  20. I'm not nit-picking here either, but I've seen several sources (and RCDB) claim the official height of Yukon Striker is 223 feet. You'll have to dive more than 13 feet to ensure the track, train and people can clear it. This height also makes sense with the Valravn crew lately that mentions that they'll still tie the height record next year but lose the drop, speed and length record. And, as stated, Leviathan is 305 feet. But still quite the skyline coming together there. A Dive Coaster on the skyline looks great anywhere and it's nice Canada's Wonderland is getting one with an awesom
  21. ^Matt Ouimet (the former CEO now Executive Chairman) was the one that didn't like relocating rides. That was mostly from a maintenance point of view and he said it wouldn't work at a second place. With that said, SteelHawk (Knott's WindSeeker) did get relocated during his tenure. The present CEO, Richard Zimmerman, hasn't made any statements regarding relocated rides. Doesn't mean he doesn't stand by the same ideology though. Assuming it is FireHawk and assuming it is for maintenance reasons/costs then it probably would be scrapped and the parts used to support Nighthawk. But, let's sa
  22. According to the last bit on the sign, they don't. Well that is new for this season. About time they do that. But also... Don't get your hopes too far up! Pretty sure that was just for the dorms that will be being built http://www.mcall.com/news/local/parkland/mc-nws-south-whitehall-dorney-park-employee-housing-20180920-story.html
  23. I got it! Pete Schweddy is opening up "Sky High Schweddy Balls" at the park!!
  24. Can honestly say I've never heard that one. Have heard numerous involving Kings Island (some of them on this thread), but never that one.
  25. I'm sure they will, but I'd be pretty shocked if anyone did at this fair, at least any time in the near future. Can you imagine how anyone that saw the accident last year would take that? Especially since quite a few of the people there would have a rumor started within the hour that it was the exact same ride... People wouldn't believe them if there was a rumor, since there is video footage of what the model looks like Never underestimate how human gossip works! People could still spread it and numerous others would believe it. Then, when someone points something factual out, ther
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