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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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This is about cedar point

Fast Lanes ??? you guys sucks you charge for line skippers... why to drive here, pay Hotel for what I can get in 6-Flags in Chicago ?


... I am not returning next year.


Ps> Who gave you the idea ? one ex manager that make other park broke ??

because there's no such thing as a flash pass....

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Here's one from Busch Gardens' (Williamsburg) page;





Edit: Could I get the link to it? This must be submitted to YGS.

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That's what I had gotten on today. Man, I was crying and all, and I was squeezing the boy next to me, and then he started hugging saying "It's okay"...man, I am not getting on that again.

It just goes to show how an actually decent story can be ruined by caps lock, poor grammar, exaggerated spelling, and internet shorthand.

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It just goes to show how an actually decent story can be ruined by caps lock, poor grammar, exaggerated spelling, and internet shorthand.


She spelled "me" like Nintendo Wii's 'Mii'....that is too funny!

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in reply to the kings dominion 2013 rocket teaser

750' high launched wooden coaster with 16 inversions, exceeding 200mph.

Hell if you're gonna go for a record, why not smash em all!


I know when I was there the other day there was some people that said they were taking out the hurler.


Cedar point is tearing down Disaster Transport. Perhaps we're getting a revamp of that.


I think grizz is safe and if it's a kiddieland I am staing home next year.


Inverted Aquatrax with 5 loops?


some of these had alot of likes, wtf people

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this made me question humanity




"Dear Dreamworld, because i am 14 and apparently not a child anymore, does that mean when I pay the ridiculous 80$ for an adult ticket i am allowed to Drink Alcohol and Smoke while on your premises?"

Well, the person kind of has a point, they obviously weren't being serious about the alcohol and cigarette thing.

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On Kings Dominion's


Now that my girlfriend & I have no means of transportation to & from the park,thanks to a recent falling out with a frined of ours we have season pawsses that are USELESS to us for the remainder of the year.


We both spent upwards of $80.00 apiece last fall for our passes & I for one feel cheated out of that money now that I cannot use it for the remainder of the year & so does she as well.

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When riding The Beast, do you prefer to sit towards the front of the train, in the middle, or in the back?


That is a post from Kings Island. Here are the replies I think are GP-like-


The back duh it's totally faster lol

My response - So the train compresses like an accordion whenever it goes?


son of beast is gone




Seriously, I doubt it is "gone" already, physically at least.

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I went to cga yesterday and saw the construction and im not going on there until it actually works nowadays rollercoasters freeze when they first come out and the lines are too long so im not going there until its a good time to go there

(Taken from one of the latest comments in CGA's Au13 update)


Frozen coasters...you mean ice slides? Russian mountains?

In all seriousness, riding in one's vehicle is no different...you can just as easily stall in the middle of the freeway where it would be highly dangerous to step out of the vehicle.

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i think the gp found there way into the gatekeeper video...


This is made like sky rush at Hershey Park.


That's x-flight from Six flags great America.


So I that coming to kings island in Ohio ?


the game its so fuuuunnnnvi like it




Roller Coaster Tycoon 4?


and of coarse every other comment was something along the lines of "does it go bckwards thats so coooooolll

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On the GateKeeper announcement-


I wish they werent losing Millennium Force for this:/


Does this go backwards too?


Dollywood has the same coaster right now it is some sort of eagle on it...LOL


Will be as lame as the new X Flight at Great America. Don't whimper out like they did. Magic Mountain had X2 and you are gonna build a poor substitute


Boy are some people dumb. Xflight is better!! Lol


WOW do i remenber the crock-screw i once rode on


remade the corckscrew im assuming?


Is the key master coming in 2014?


Looks Like the ultimate flight at six flags.
-I'm hoping they mean X-Flight...
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A few from Great America's announcement about Gold Striker.


It looks cool but I wish it hade more drops like the grizzly has


looks just like the grizzly


is this just a renamed GRIZZLY???


So Grizzly is still open? Why does 1 park need to have TWO wooden coasters?


I guess this person never heard of Kings Island, which at one time had FOUR wooden coasters operating.



I also don't know how people are even able to compare Gold Striker to Grizzly, really makes my head hurt.

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^The sad thing is, this is TOTALLY the GP Mentality. There are still people that don't believe me when I tell them that Apocalypse is a new wooden coaster and not just the old Psyclone. The worst decision SFMM made with that ride (and they made quite a few) was putting it in the same spot as the previous wooden coaster!!!!

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