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  1. ^ Friday and Saturday are pretty busy right now, if you have the option to go on a Sunday I would go as the park has been fairly quite. Anyways the longer you wait to go the more and more crowded it is.
  2. ^ I would recommend going on a Sunday. If you don't ride anything you should be able to get everything done in a couple hours, that's including the shows. Although if you have to go on a Friday or Saturday I would recommend the Madame Marie Chophouse meal which includes dinner and a front of the line pass for one maze of your choice. It's $20 with a season pass, after the meal I would go and do the the mazes in the back of the park and work your way back up front, then you can use the front of the line pass for one of the mazes towards the front if the line is long. Info for the Chophouse meal can be found at, Halloween Haunt site.
  3. We are required to work all three days, so the amount of monsters should be the same as a Friday or Saturday.
  4. It never opened for the Golden Ticket Awards. I'm hoping they can at least open the ride this year, who cares if it's just limited operation at least it will be running for the public.
  5. The park announced a new show today that will be featured at Halloween Haunt! "Enter this abandoned movie theater at your own risk as the owner has gone mad! For one last night, he will view his favorite horror movies before the wrecking ball destroys his life. To his shock, the screen comes to life and haunts his soul. Do you dare to join the viewing party???" This is the first show in Halloween Haunt history to feature ice skaters!
  6. I notice this on Lightning Racer all the time when the trains are nearly empty. Was the train full? The train was completely full when it made the noise. The ride was down this morning with maintenance workers walking the tack and inspecting the rails it looked like. (Going off a friends facebook picture.) What im thinking is they were putting a type of lube on the rails so it doesn't make that noise anymore.
  7. Testing it out! The following were uploaded from my iPhone, works perfectly!
  8. I was at the park the other day and it was complete dead since school had started up. Gold Striker had a 10-15 minute wait and most of the other rides were just a walkon. A couple new things I noticed on my visit: Outside Gold Striker gifts there are these themed TNT planter boxes. Close up of the barrel. The building for Zombie High is up, the maze should start going up in a couple weeks: During Labor Day weekend the park is having a guest appreciation event, $15 for all you can eat meal!
  9. Crazy that the crowds were like this on a Sunday, im guessing everyone is getting in one last visit before school starts.
  10. ^ Hurricane did run during limited operation in the off season. Found this on the Boardwalk's website using the "Way Back Machine."
  11. I was wondering how packed it was today with the Summersplash concert going on, good thing you got Fast Lane! Just curious but how were the lines for the rides? ( I'm sure they were long, just wondering how long.)
  12. ^ Haha, excellent choice for your desktop background! Mine is the same picture as well.
  13. Although I don't know much about that maze, I wouldn't be surprised if it used somewhat of the same story line. I'm just happy that the park has a really good haunt team, Madame Marie was one of the best mazes last year as far as details go. So I expect about the same if not better from the two new mazes this year.
  14. Sure the graffiti on Gold Striker is bad and it doesn't look good, but it could always be worse. Lets just be thankful that the queue tunnel isn't plastered with gum.
  15. ^Sure the park never said we couldn't talk about everything but ruining the surprises for everyone else isn't cool. The park is posting the other new maze info next week so everyone just needs to wait a few days.
  16. CarnEvil and Werewolf Canyon are both staying so no need to worry.
  17. That was my post. There was nothing on the news about it, so it was probably something minor. Was it the im park EMT's? Honestly it was probably something very minor such as a sprained ankle from tripping down the stairs or a bloody nose, I wouldn't worry about it.
  18. Wow, im stupid I meant to write, "wasn't the strongest for scares". *face palm* At the employee preview event they mentioned that they are going to try and get better scares in the maze and not just be pretty.
  19. I know at Knott's it wasn't the strongest maze for scares from what I've heard, so it will interesting to see what the park does with it. Also to anyone wondering, only parts of it were taken from Knott's, most of the maze will be brand new at Great America.
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