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  1. When a coaster hits the mag breaks. It sounds like god's plumbing
  2. I did manage to get on today. I personally loved it! but there was the odd bug (Guns not working ect.) but it was nothing they cant fix. the theming was great (me being a DC nerd shooting through Metropolis was a big highlight) I cant say what its like compared to other 3D interactive rides but I can leave that to other humans who have done those rides. overall it was a nice addition to the park and something for all ages.
  3. knowing 14 year olds these days he would have been serious. but why cant he say the samething for movie theaters and eateries.
  4. this made me question humanity https://www.facebook.com/#!/dreamworld/posts/10150993811528613?comment_id=23032887&notif_t=like "Dear Dreamworld, because i am 14 and apparently not a child anymore, does that mean when I pay the ridiculous 80$ for an adult ticket i am allowed to Drink Alcohol and Smoke while on your premises?"
  5. Cant Decide Between Arkham Asylum or Superman Escape at Movie World.
  6. 8/10 I have no idea what a Bmag is but it sounds awesome
  7. Soooo Jelly that I didnt go!! oh well it looks like you two had an awesome time up there
  8. Found Charlie Sheens Chocolate stash. which one bar had a golden ticket to...
  9. On Dreamworld Australia's FB page Dreamworld Australia Due to the wet weather, please be advised that Dreamworld and WhiteWater World Australia will be closing at 4pm today. We apologise for any inconvenience caused Random Yous arent allowed to do that its illegal
  10. When you have a collection of all The Annual passes you've had over the years
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