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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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CP's FB, April 10-


What is the Arrow Looper pictured on you online ticket page? Is Cedar Point adding a(n) used coaster in addition to Gatekeeper? I love Arrow Loopers!


Also, when did you move Diamondback to Canada's Wonderland?


How can he know what an "Arrow looper" is and think that Diamondback is relocated?????

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In fairness (I haven't seen the name/profile picture), that person could have been a die-hard coaster fan back in the day when Arrow coasters were super-popular and just hasn't been keeping up.


Or, it could just be some kid trying to look cool and subsequently failing.

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Another gem from the Cedar Point page...

I have a moral issue with Fast Lane....If you sell me a ticket to stand in line to get on rides, and then sell someone else tickets so they can surpass me, you have no morals. I can't buy them, because of my morals.

Please, anyone, explain to me how this is ok with you....and you'll be admitting you don't care about morals. Just yourself.

God Bless You


Fast Lane is apparently evil...

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Oh God I hate those people who hate fastpass. It's like complaining that first class passengers get comfier plane seats just because they paid 4x more for a ticket.


Same here! These systems are amazing! It's what I always tell people- you get what you pay for.

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Revisited that comment, and saw this. Made me laugh:

So kids, remember, if you buy fastlane, someday when you're trying to get into heaven, and are at the pearly gates, the big guy in the sky is going to make a fist, and with a big, roaring voice, is going to say "you don't get to come into heaven because you boarded Millenium force before Tom did"
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There's a "fan page" on Facebook called roller coasters (Which I have liked on my FB). They posted a photo of Insane in Grona Lund and I found one comment that was so outrageous, I couldn't pass this up.


It looks fake. Computer generated.


What's even worse is that this comment got two likes.



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This wasn't on Facebook, this was on a POV...Does it still count?


Even though it says "16 days ago", I screenshot it last summer.


I still die a little every time I read it.




I needed that, thank you.

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Damn you CP for not being able to accommodate "normal people."


I always wondered, why is it that Cedar Point in particular is very restrictive of people of larger size? And I'm not talking about JUST fat people. You can include voloptous women and muscular men in the mix too. They would probably have no problem fitting into I305 at Kings Dominon but MF or TTD would give them problems. Is it because Cedar Point is the flagship park and that it's absolutley imperitive that they be tight-asses with the saftey or is it for another reason?

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^ If you want to blame anyone don't blame Cedar Point, blame Intamin. They made the Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster restraints before I305s (pretty sure you knew that though ) and used the T-Bar restraint instead of the OTSR (that design didn't come till Storm Runner in 2004). This T-Bar design is more restrictive to larger guests than the OTSR due to it resting on the riders thighs more than the OTSR.

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