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  1. A few photos from Canada's Wonderland! I'm so sorry I was able to send them to you/post them yesterday, but my phone kept crashing every time I tried.
  2. Sorry if I missed your post Robb, but how do we send you photos? I'd love to send some to you.
  3. Mitch says thanks! (and we [myself, Mitch and Cassie] are physically collecting donations and will enter them about a week before the event )
  4. I keep getting notifications from this thread, I better get going on donations! Haha
  5. For the Mini East Coast Tour...Is there any possibility I could meetup with TPR just for Hershey Park? I think I'll be in the area around that time. I will have my own transportation, accommodation and park admission (seasons pass). I think it would be fun to meet people from TPR! I'd be willing to pay for all of the "TPR extras" for the day. Also, what are the chances of having Skyrush ERT?
  6. I'm a little unclear on something. The event is held on 2 coasters...Does the half the group marathon one, and the other half the second? Or does the whole group marathon one and then all move to the second?
  7. Myself and a few friends want to do it for CW, and be part of Team TPR, do we need permission for you guys to join the Team? And do my friends need TPR accounts orrrr?
  8. Pretty much anywhere in Canada except for Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal.
  9. I have a question to add! I'm very curious...how do you manage all of the traveling with her while she's in school? (Or is she homeschooled?). I know I have several years to decide, but one of the reasons I'm not sure if I want to have children is because I want to travel a lot. But you guys seem to be doing an excellent job of doing both! How do you do it?
  10. HAPPINESS CAKE! Close enough to pie right!? It's my 19th birthday today, and my parents made me Skyrush cake! You can't see because of the angle, but the round things in the top left and bottom right corners are Skyrush shot glasses. I literally screamed when I saw it!! Very delicious Skyrush birthday cake!
  11. Did they say it moved to Dubai? The probably mixed up Abu Dhabi with Dubai I forget, but the "weirder" thing was they thought Nitro was taller than Kingda Ka.
  12. Wait...."Dominator (not 305)"...?? There isn't a even a coaster called Dominator 305. It's called Intimidator 305. There are coasters called Dominator, Intimidator, and Intimidator 305. 7/10
  13. I watched a video on YouTube last night of two people who were vlogging their trip to Six Flags Great Adventure... 1) They were filming on the coasters, and trying to get POVs (which of course, they didn't ask the park). 2) According to them, apparently Formula Rossa is now in Dubai. 3) They were on Nitro and the one guy said "Yea, I'm pretty sure this is the tallest coaster in the whole park!!". Riiight, because Kingda Ka is totally smaller than Nitro...
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