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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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Well, in their defense, I wouldn't have known it was called "Cyclone," either, unless I looked it up on rcdb. Of course, I would've known that it was neither of the "Streaks."

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I remember seeing someone posted that Manhattan Express is the best ride in this planet. Are they trying to catch attention? I know people has their own preferences but Manhattan Express? Seriously? This is too extreme

That must mean Manhattan Express was the only coaster they had been on at the time.

No, they had also been on Goudurix, A Vekoma Boomerang, a TOGO standup, and an Arrow Corkscrew.

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This thread is deserving of a bump with one of the better (worse) posts on TPR's Facebook and YouTube...the Taco Bell Rant!


I missed the Facebook debacle portion, but (un)fortunately it carried over to the YouTube POV of Playland's Corkscrew:

This page is so racist they blocked me from facebook I am going to report it and flag all videos 
He said Taco Bell is Mexican food ! It really offended me 
Yes it is racist because it's offensive to Mexicans you're saying things about their culture that aren't true...I'm not wondering why I was banned I know why I was banned. You only banned me because you know that what I said was true. 
You are all stupid for agreeing with him [Robb].
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Theme Park Review posts Piraten picture saying it is better than 99% of coasters. Some people say MF is better, but as a CF fanboy who loves to bash SFMM, let me see what their fans bring to the comments table-


Not better than most of Six Flags Magic Mountain's rides!!!!


If you wanna go fishing for more weird and wonderful comments, the post is here-


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So, Cedar posts this old picture of Cyclone on their facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/cedarpoint/photos/a.10151625760036463.1073741829.10625691462/10151889101496463/?type=1&theater




They gave the hint


This coaster stormed its way onto the peninsula in 1929. What was it called?


And then we get these people


One streak, two streak, Mean Streak, Blue Streak!

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So this was found on the TPR page. This is a coaster in South Korea.



TPR posted "Which came first, the coaster or the trees?


Someone commented, "Looks Awesome. Where is this??" and the response was " i think it is the skyrush at hershey,pennsylvania,usa"


"I say trees, then they were cleared, coaster went up with the braces, the trees were put back in place."


I don't understand this one at all. " Looks like it has been snowing. ..."


Skyrush is mentioned over and over again, it's just sad.

Make sure you click the link because the list goes on and on.

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I hate when people complain about that stuff. It really doesn't slow down your line and it's not there fault your waiting in an hour line. If you don't want to wait stop blaming them and pay for the thing! Anyway I had a laugh at the guy who says he wouldn't even get a season pass because they have the option to wait in a shorter line, that's a plus! Not A Negative!

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This was an incredibly pleasant conversation I had with someone about inversions vs airtime.


The original comment about Goliath at SFGAM


That looks to me like it sucks. The whole point of wooden rollercoasters is that it is all about the speed and the rattle and the stomach-dropping hills. The whole point is that they are NOT steel rollercoasters. Loops are boring by definition--they push you into your seat rather than throwing you out. (and that's a bad thing, why? It's a different kind of G-force.) It's fun for the engineers, no fun for the rest of us. If this is the future of rollercoasters, I'm moving back to 1978 where I belong. I've had enough of this stupid century.


My response...


I got something to ask you. Have you even BEEN on it?


His snarky, snide, assholish response.


Why? Are you telling me maybe I'm wrong that a loop pushes you into your seat? Please STFU.


I started to get annoyed after that...




His response...


You my friend are an idiot.


My final word. I was sick and tired of arguing with him.


No man, YOU'RE the idiot. You're going around spreading all of this vitriol and judgment about a roller coaster that you've never ridden before in your life. How the f*** can you automatically jump to conclusions about a roller coaster before you actually go on it?

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Some things I found on the burning Colossus video's comment section. It's not Facebook, but it is "GP".


nnnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that was my favorite roller coaster


The coaster was closed for a few weeks already.


One word, insurance.


New ride in the pipeline?


How convenient the old one burns down...


No. Just no. This was most likely just an accident while the people from RMC were demolishing the ride.


cough insurance claim cough


Again, this was probably just an accident.


This is why I don't go on wooden rollercoasters


Are you kidding? Wooden coasters are perfectly safe! The wood on this coaster was probably too old.

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