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  1. I apologize for bumping this thread but...Death Train. And to top from what I have seen it's the only remaining Schwarzkopf Katapult operating (unless some are on the traveling circuit). Why on earth would you name something Death Train? Like, I get it; there are zillions of coasters out there that are named after things/animals/phenomena that can kill us but explicitly naming it "Death Train" seems like poor taste. At least rename Manhattan Express to Pain Train because that would make sense! Also: Joker: Okayyyy...Joker's what exactly? Oh it's just called Joker? Not Joker's Jinx, Joker's Revenge, or even Joker: The Ride? Not even The Joker? Six Flags, please, you're killing me! Colossus: The Fire Dragon: Great ride at (from what I heard) a really great park but I feel like the name came from a disagreement where one person wanted "Colossus" and the other "Fire Dragon." Beaver Land Mine Ride sounds like a 1970s adult movie. Well High Speed Thrill Coaster was a thing
  2. Coney Island Cyclone on September 20th! What a great ride that was.
  3. There's one of those at the mall near me that has some CP coasters in it; I know Gemini is one of them, and I think Blue Streak is another. That said I can pretty much do what that does by watching a TPR POV and tilt my desk chair along with it.
  4. Revive: Togo Ultratwisters. No, seriously; they were the only company to actually pull off this type of coaster successfully. Intamin only built one and last I checked it's SBNO, and Arrow's pipeline coaster never made it out of prototyping. Can't really say what to kill off or not bring back, but Ultratwisters should definitely be brought back.
  5. ^Montaña Rusa just simply means "Russian Mountain", which is another name for Roller Coaster. Which is just as over used, granted.
  6. I'm assuming that was with the old TOGO trains? And for those who have ridden it recently, how do the new(er) trains compare?
  7. Even though I've never been on it, I like what Crazy Coaster at Nanhu used (though from what I could tell in the video, it sounds like the ride's music system was hooked up to one of the op's music players). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EYOJSO_sio
  8. This name is not about that element, referring to the element is a bonus. I think Helix is a very good name, sounds so high-tech. Agree to disagree. I personally think it's unoriginal and sounds like Liseberg ran out of names for rides. At least it isn't Dark Ride like these three coasters: http://rcdb.com/1422.htm http://rcdb.com/2395.htm http://rcdb.com/8657.htm
  9. What happened at Gröna Lund? Unless I'm mistaken, I think he meant the incident at Terra Mitica which forced all ZacSpins to be closed temporarily.
  10. I had a dream where SFNE Cyclone was reverted back to its old self...until it became some sort of jumping train ride. And by that I mean the track became a boardwalk and the train literally took off from the hills. Oh yeah and it became a powered ride halfway through AND it was partially converted by RMC. How awkward.
  11. The first one I can understand. Yes it is closed but it doesn't take away the fact that it is was his/her favorite coaster. The others are stucking fupid however.
  12. "Locker" is a wordfilter used for a storage bin with a lock on it. It's a TPR thing. I think you should be fine with backpacks. When I went to SFNE most rides had storage bins/cubbies on the other side of the platform and if they didn't, there would be lockers outside the station.
  13. Parking at SFNE is $25, regardless if you buy ahead of time or at the gate. That was from my experience in July; I don't think they changed it since.
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