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  1. This is in the very rough just Germany as a country phase planning right now so no region is set. I was more looking at what parks are worth visiting to see what regional stuff is around there. I was primarily looking at Europa, Phantasiland and perhaps Holiday Park for GEforce. Those all seem to be quite far from Berlin and Munich which seem to be the biggest cultural hotspots. Thank you for the days needed at suggestions. As well, how do you get to Europa park? It doesn't seem to be near anything. Thanks again all!
  2. Hello all, considering going to Germany for a couple weeks in October next year. It would mostly be a 'culture' type trip but I'd for sure like to check out a couple parks. What parks are worth seeing? How to get to them? Worth buying one of the 'passes' and seeing 3? Thanks!
  3. Well, westjet had a sale to England (Gatwick) so we are going there. Opinions on the 2 parks? Any other parks? Thanks all!
  4. My girlfriend really wants to go to Europe. I guess if we are going to go, this is the time to do it. We have the middle 2 weeks in October (Well, 18 days) If I'm going all that way, I want to at least go to one theme park. Was thinking the UK, and it seems there's 2 major parks there. Which one to visit? I mean, if we are going there, we'd probably go to London, so Thorpe park seems obvious. Can you skip Alton Towers? What else is around Alton Towers that I can convince the gf to go see, and through in a "Since we are near here.. Why don't we go here for a day?" I'd like Germany also, but I'm sour at Germany as Octoberfest sounded cool, until I found out Octoberfest is not in October. That's just silly. Spain looks cool, with a trip to portaventuraworld. However, they are building Ferrari world. And I dont' know how often we will have the budget to go to Spain so I'd like to go after that is opened. GF likes the thought of France, Italy, Greek but they really don't have any great theme parks. She's open to pretty much anything in Europe though. Thanks all!
  5. I didn't know Uber was available in Orlando. I looked into a bit and it seemed a bit weird. Are they 'allowed' to do park pickups and such? Or is it just the airport that bans them? Thanks
  6. Hello, we are going to Orlando and staying for 2 weeks in November. We are going to Disney for a week, then to Universal for a week. We were planning on going back to downtown disney for a couple evenings while we are staying at Universal (As the universal parks close early, and the disney parks are open late we don't have a lot of time to go to downtown disney whilst at disney) We were looking at cabs/shuttles and such and it seems to be about $40 or so one way. Renting a car would get pretty darn expensive as everywhere at Universal charges parking. (Cabana bay is $15 a day or something, plus about the same at the parks, I guess downtown disney would have a parking fee while at Universal as well.) Is there any way to do this cheaper? We looking at the lynx a bit, but it seems the routes only run very early morning and then stop around 5-6 in the evening. That doesn't really do anything as we were planning on staying quite late at downtown disney. Thanks for any help!
  7. What does everyone here use to plan their trips? In the past, we've just used notepad and written things down by date. I've tried to use like google calendars but I find it to much of a pita to move stuff around. We tend to move stuff around a lot to see what the best way of doing things is. (What days to do what parks, what places we'd like to eat at in the parks, what hotels we are going to stay at etc.) Thanks!
  8. I actually never thought about renting a condo or house. I guess I should take a look at airbnb or something. Thanks for the suggestion. I think staying on site would be the way to go to.. The girlfriend is adverse to the idea of staying off site and for the slight monetary savings not really worth the hassle. I will look into houses or condos though, thanks!
  9. Well, we've booked our flights to head down to Florida in November. We are going for the middle 2 weeks. We were planning on staying a week at WDW (The free dining pass is usually offered during that time) We would just stay at a value resort as the quick service meals fit us better at theme parks. (Don't like having plans, prefer to eat when hungry) We were then planning on going to Universal for a week and staying at Cabana bay. We were going to get the Orlando flex plus pass which has 14 days admission to Seaworld/Universal/Island of Adventure/Waterparks/Busch Gardens. We had planned to take the magical express from the airport to WDW, taxi from WDW to Universal then just shuttle bus it to all the other parks. (With the plus pass, the shuttle to Busch Gardens is free--but it says it might not get there till ~11:00AM.) We are from Canada, so we are contending with a weak dollar which makes this trip pretty expensive. The value resorts at WDW look to be about ~120 US a night, and Cabana bay seems to be about ~95 US a night. Now, of course you get some pretty awesome perks by staying at the onsite resorts. That being said I could stay offsite at a decent offsite hotel for about $55 CAD a night, which really really helps with the weak Canadian dollar. Going this route, I'd have to rent a car which would be somewhere in the region of $400 US for the 2 weeks + gas. I'd then of course have to pay parking at the theme parks which I figure would be somewhere in the region of ~225 US. What's everyone thoughts on this? Sometimes it's nice not having to drive--but waiting for those buses to take you back to your hotel sometimes took a long time at WDW. Getting to Busch Gardens that late kinda sucks.
  10. Oh wow, that's way further off then I would have thought. Disappointing but at least we are not missing it by a month or two.
  11. When is this supposed to be opening? We are going in November. I hope it opens by then!
  12. Damn. Thank you for suggesting that. I think that looks like a super good deal! We were also considering doing like a 3 or 4 day cruise, if time permits but I don't think we could fit that much in!
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