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The "GP" of Theme Parks Facebook Thread!

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I couldn't agree with you guys anymore!


Editorial Query: Vague. Do you mean that you no longer "agree" with the "guys," or that you couldn't agree with them more than you already do?

It means I agreed with them so much there is nothing left to agree on.


Thank you for the clarification.


^Whoever posted that on Facebook should be forced to rewrite it for a grade no better than a "C."

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I found this funny facebook comment from CWMania's GP thread:


Wonderland (Facebook):

Did you know that there are 16 rollercoasters at Canada's Wonderland; making it one of the top 3 coaster destinations in the world! Which one is your favourite?



GP Comment:

Did you know that there are over 70 rollercoasters at cedar point? Yeaa..

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I don't get why people on here are busting the "GP's" balls. Aren't they and their families the ones who spend their money to go to all the parks and are largely responsible for keeping them in business? I'm not trying to "troll" here, but isn't there a difference between making fun of someone on Face Book for having poor grammar vs. being a total dick to them for not knowing as much about coasters as we do??


We're embracing our coaster geekiness

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Normally I don't post in here because Facebook is usually a wash for me, but I did have to drop by and commend Robb for smacking down a couple of uppity Blackfish supporters from a couple of days ago. He absolutely killed it.


Link linkity link Click me


"Oh? In that case I'll take a Cheesy Crunch Gordita, please."

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^Here's one of my favorites from this post.

"So let me get this straight, people lock dogs in 500 square foot apartment their entire lives (separated at birth from their Mother by the way), teach them to do tricks for their own entertainment and they are considered an Animal Lover. But if you dare do it to a whale, even if the purpose is to educate other people to take care of the ocean they live in, then you are a horrible, animal abuser? Hypocrisy at its best, but what else should we expect from PETA? On my way to Sea World now to pick up my 2014 Annual Pass. Thanks for reminding me about the special this weekend."

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From that Blackfish response to Seaworld post: HILARIOUS! This girl......


GP said:

Ew no. don't even try to give me some half ass comeback. And yes, its both actually!! Thanks for trying so hard to to impress me. you must really know what you're talking about. You are scum and I hope you choke.


Intelligent TPR said:

Anna - Do you always wish painful death on people that don't agree with you? Like, you know... if someone comes into your Taco Bell and wants to order a Mexican Pizza but you like the Double Decker tacos better? Are you all "Ugh, here's your Mexican Pizza, idiot, I hope you choke on it."
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From Knoebel's Facebook page, regarding the 2015 project:



Although I still scream like a little girl in the haunted house, an update would be nice. Or keep the one now for the kids and make a scary one.

Like · Reply · 13 · 16 hours ago


YES!!! I agree!!! I went through for the first time thinking I would pee my pants (I'm a HUGE chicken) and in-fact I found myself yelling BACK at the (not so scary) things inside....I was bummed


Me thinks the person who replied to the post was expecting Eli Roth's Goretorium.

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I remember seeing someone posted that Manhattan Express is the best ride in this planet. Are they trying to catch attention? I know people has their own preferences but Manhattan Express? Seriously? This is too extreme

That must mean Manhattan Express was the only coaster they had been on at the time.

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The entire Darien Lake Facebook page is just sad.


Opening commenter CONSTANTLY posts stuff to the FB page, on one of their posts this is what happened:

"I wonder what rides/attractions that are going to be new for 2014?"

-"You really are obsessed with this park to the point of scary."

--"I wouldn't say "scary", more over obsessed with Darien Lake!"


And again:

"I love the pun that you guys made in a reply about 'Cuda Falls being "king of the hill" in your water park for 20 years. I love sliding down the slides of 'Cuda Falls! please make 'Cuda Falls next week's ride of the week!"


Only days before the above post:

"Hey Darien Lake, are you guys going reopen 'Cuda Falls in 2014? They were my favorite ride in the water park. It's going to 20 years since you guys replaced Rainbow Mountain with 'Cuda Falls!"

- (Darien Lake's Reply) " 'Cuda Falls certainly has been the "king of the hill" for the past 20 years! The status of the 'Cuda Falls waterslide complex will be discussed in a future Ride of the Week."

-- (Opening poster's reply) "I hope you guys reopen it, because I saw a glimpse of it in the wrapped up carousel picture that guys put up!"

--- "Oh my god, do you ever stop obsessing about the same stuff over & over?"



And if I looked through the past month of so worth of the page I would probably find 15-20 similar posts all from the same person...

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