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  1. Mind Eraser was operating this year, mostly on weekends. On weekdays staffing affected those rides in the back half of the park.
  2. Darien Lake contracted with Magic of Lights which is a branded holiday lights event with locations across the country. Magic of lights provided the displays. Darien Lake set up the displays with support from the magic of lights people.
  3. Some trees and bushes are decorated, but not all of them. The sections of Magic of Lights are themed to different areas (as shown in the map above) so the cutouts in that area are at least all connected to a theme. While the route is a bit shorter than the one at the fair grounds, there are more displays/lights at Darien Lake then what I can recall from my last visit to the fair grounds one.
  4. A new event for this year has been announced. Darien Lake will be open for a holiday light drive thru this winter starting November 18th called Magic of Lights.
  5. I rode it as well this weekend and it definitely felt smoother. I was in the 2nd car, no special strategy needed to help with the roughness. It was regularly wood. Titan track was tabled for this year. Everything moved very slow, and with the park being open for only 4 hours it was a challenge to get on much. Predator's line was quick only because we got there right at park open. Ride of Steel and Boomerang were closed, boomerang eventually opened. Blast off's line was slow. The rides capacity has always been an issue but now they are supposed to leave a gap between groups so its a trainwreck loading it. That was probably about 40-45 minutes. Food lines were 30-45 minutes. Viper was about 30 minutes, but at one point it was through the whole queue to the midway. Ride ops were moving fast but again the limited capacity was making a mess of loading it and slowing everything down.
  6. There was also a lot of work done that people might not realize (or really care about, but it's things that are still needed). Multiple buildings got repainted and new roofs. New metal detection was added to the entrances, same system that all other Six Flags properties are using now. Lots of new signage on buildings. Photo place by main gate was renovated into a season pass service center for season pass issues/upgrades. Don't get me wrong, there is still a TON that needs to be done but it's not like the place sat totally idle for the past year. Hopefully some attention to the parking lots and midway is up soon, those are looking rough. And of course, doing something with the giant wheel.
  7. Not my picture, but this was posted by someone somewhere else online.
  8. Galaxy theater is used for fright fest as a haunt, so it's not unused and not empty. Pirate will be open this year after an extensive refurbishment. Sleigh ride has been completely refurbished. Definitely not going away in the next few years.
  9. Darien Lake released it's operating calendar for this upcoming season. You can see it here. Some highlights: - only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until the end of June. Friday's are only 5-9. Saturday and Sunday 11-9. - during full season Monday-Thursday is 11-7, while Friday-Sunday is 11-9.
  10. Never said they would be retracking the whole thing, just that it makes sense as to why they would do some work to it beyond the normal wood retracking based on what SF said.
  11. The corporate earnings call did say they identified rides to add, refurbish, and remove. So sounds like predator was maybe identified as one of the rides to refurbish. They tend to retrack portions of it almost every year with so over time I suppose this would result in maintenance/retracking savings.
  12. Festival of Lights at the Fairgrounds would like to have a word with you... It could work for sure even with cold temperatures and snow. That event draws crowds every year. Everything coasterbill said is 100% correct though and it would be in everyone's best interest to not start it this year of all years.
  13. Six Flags announced that they would be cutting 10% of their full time workforce or 240 employees last week. Not totally surprising to see the cuts but it is pretty late into the season and this whole mess. Source - Market Watch
  14. And now onto phase 3. So far everything has been on time. https://www.wivb.com/news/new-york/watch-gov-cuomo-makes-an-announcement-provides-daily-briefing-2/
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