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  1. I am sorry for posted the April Fools joke about Cedar Fair and Six Flags merging. I promise I will not post things like that again. I did not think that it would cause this response. I am sorry.
  2. I agree with you on this one! Afterburn is in my homepark and is one of my top 10 steel coasters, top three when it comes to inverts.
  3. I agree with you on this one! Afterburn is in my homepark and is one of my top 10 steel coasters, top three when it comes to inverts.
  4. The new restraints for SM:M2 did not fit well on the trains. DLP either now has to leave the trains as they are, or buy completely new ones, and add the sound system to it. Also, where can I find a good SM:M2 pov?
  5. On a POV of the Intimidator posted by Carowinds on their Youtube page. "This is like Leviathan's giant cousin, I have to ride it, but I might not cause it looks scary. I rode Leviathan though." hahahahaha
  6. Hey I'm Palmer! I live in SC and my home park is Carowinds! My coaster count is 79 and my favorite steel coaster is i305. Wooden coaster would have to be Thunderhead at Dollywood. I'm fourteen and don't get to travel much. Oh and as you can tell I am a huge UNC fan. GO HEELS!!!
  7. S&S Worldwide built Powder Keg. Yes, this was establshed about two posts under the one you quoted, but thanks, anyway. ^Yes, the orignal ride was the work of Premier, but it wasn't a launched coaster then. YOLO! Sorry, I must have missed it.
  8. YOLO! Only because it is a new concept, as Gatekeeper is an enlarged and improved version of a type of coaster that already exists. I know that there already are launch coasters that exsist but the top hat, biggest loop, and 3 launches look alot more appealing to me.
  9. Now that Outlaw Run is open, TPR members who have riden this, T-Express, and El Toro, WHICH HAS THE BEST DROP???
  10. Does anyone think that this is strange that only DA is coming for Carowinds 40th season? All parks that received this got another big rollercoaster/waterslide/windseeker. I think that it's a little dissapointig that this is all.
  11. This is my entry. Great idea for the contest! My Entry for the Contest!
  12. Ive been thinking lately about hypercoasters and what they would be like with inversions. That led me to this though which is: If Magnum XL-2000 had been built with an inversion, what would the rest of coaster history from there on look like?
  13. I live in SC about one hour away from Carowinds so this is my home park. I go probably 5-7 times during the summer, but I will go more when I get car. This is my TR from Carowinds in 2012! This is my second TR so I'm open to any sugestions or comments for improvement! Thanks! Carowinds!!! The Thrill Capital of the Southeast! Intimidator looks "Intimidating" hehehe Another "Intimidating" Picture! Lift hill awesomeness! On to Borg, er um I mean Nighthawk More Nighthawk Pictures Head Spin.....Wait no Cobra Time! Wild Mouse!!!! The first thing that comes to mind is Pain Hurler, its fun, but Painful Blue train "Hurling" down the first drop. Wasn't that punny? Last picture, so lets end with Aftergun....wait no its Topburn....Oh its Afterburn!
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