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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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It's amazing to me how non-Disney this Disney park looks- the total immersion in theming is over-the-top good, and it doesn't end up looking 'theme-parky' with excess inappropriate details, but rather- just right in it's details.


Why can't we get THIS park back in the USA???

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I didn't think it was possible to fall even more in love with Tokyo DisneySea, but leave it to TPR (and Hanno's gorgeous photography) to allow me to do just that! The depth of the theming astounds me! As sad as I am for not being able to join you guys, I'm thrilled you had an amazing time! I can't wait for the rest!!!

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Tokyo disney looks so amazing... I was gonna be there now but the nuclear radiation made us cancel the trip

Wow, that was pretty f**king stupid...because you know there's actually no nuclear radiation in Tokyo, right?

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Hey Robb,


If you don't mind me asking, how much did that room cost you a night because that view is just amazing. I'm guessing it has to be more than the price per night at the Polynesian or Grand Floridian in WDW.



Elissa would know better than I would because she booked it, but I want to say it was $500ish per night? This will give you a better idea:



50,000 Yen is about $650 at the moment.

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Oh, you have no idea how dangerous that would be!


I know! Wouldn't it be cool for the US DisneyStore.com to offer international merchandise, one time a year... maybe a weekend, or a day.


I'm sending a project request!

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As if I could get more depressed since leaving Japan, you go and put this up!!!!


Answering one of the other questions, I actually like the plain old Salted popcorn the best, but you have to realize it's not just normal popcorn. They make it perfectly there are holes in the bottom of the cart to get rid of unpopped kernals, it's not loaded with fake butter, it's just perfect.


As to the hotel, yeah, we paid about $500 a night for two nights. Couldn't justify anymore as that's just obscene but worth it for a one time stay. You could stay about $100 cheaper for a room that does not face the park. We got the cheapest 'unobstructed lagoon view' room available.

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I want to watch the "Journey" video SO BAD... but I want to keep the ride as "spoiler-free" as possible, as I must visit this park eventually.




(But the photos I've dared to look at, like the queue shots, are AMAZING.)

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Seriously, thank you so much for posting of all this (especially all the Disney stuff). As someone who probably will never make it these parks, it's definitely awesome to see all the detailed pics and POV's and get an idea of how cool these parks are!


I never get tired of seeing stuff from Tokyo Disney, the sheer amount of detail and high quality is staggering.


The Lava Monster is so cool. I have yet to go on Expedition Everest, so I have never seen the actual Yeti, but from seeing videos of both in action, maybe they could have scaled down the Yeti and made it slightly more effective. I mean, when you come up on the Lava Monster and he turns to look at you, just that slight movement of him facing you is effective, let alone all the other motions he makes... just made me think they could have done something similar with the Yeti to make him more operable, but keep him just as scary.


I LOVED the Sinbad ride! The new version was WAY better IMO. And yes, Chandu is ridiculously cute. I was impressed with the animatronics of the ride as well as the detail. I guess I wasn't expecting the ride to look THAT good... I had never seen any footage of it.


The Aquatopia ride is kind of funny, and does seem sort of pointless (but fun). The night rides seem like they're probably a little more exciting because of the cool lighting.


Oh, and uh, their version of Fantasmic is ridiculously cool. From the video I liked it better than the WDW version, so I can't imagine what it must be like seeing it in person.


Can't wait to see more of Disney...


PS - The Aquatopia night video had me laughing so hard... KT saying "hold on to your belongings Mommy" was so awesomely cute.

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I love this park, never been there but just from TPR reports I am hoping someday to make it. I love the purple shirt the girl in the video sitting next to Derek is wearing. Where did she buy that? I am a big Figment fan

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