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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Part One - Bonus Day at Tokyo Disney! (Scroll Down)

Part Two - Random Japan - Namjatown - Yakitori - CATS!!!

Part Three - First "Offcial" Day - Bullet Trains & Kashiikaen Amusement Park!

Part Four - Space World! Lots of POV Videos of awesome coasters!

Part Five - Kijima & Wonder Rakutenchi

Part Six - Mitsui Greenland

Part Seven - Universal Studios Japan

Part Eight - Parque Espana

Part Nine - Nagashima Spaland

Part Ten - Fuji-Q Highland

Part Eleven - Yomiuriland & Tokyo Teleport

Part Twelve - Toshimaen & Seibuen

Part Thirteen - EPIC DAY at Tobu Zoo & Hanayashiki!

Part Fourteen - Cosmoworld and Sea Paradise!

Part Fifteen - Nasu Highland & Galaxy Express 999


Tokyo Disney Resort Updates:

The Ultimate Tokyo Disney Resort Update - Part 1 - DisneySea

The Ultimate Tokyo Disney Resort Update - Part 2 - DisneySea

The Ultimate Tokyo Disney Resort Update - Part 3 - Tokyo Disneyland

The Ultimate Tokyo Disney Resort Update - Part 4 - Tokyo Disneyland


Theme Park Review is in Japan! This thread will be updated as often as possible with photos from our current Japan adventures. If you'd like to follow us LIVE - check out our Twitter and Facebook updates!



Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/themeparkreview.com


Day One - Arrival and a "Bonus" visit to Tokyo Disney!


Theme Park Review is in Japan! Our official trip logo & shirt design. (Thanks Ken!)


"We're leaving for Japan tonight...I've got my excited hat on!"


Welcome to LAX. The carbon dioxide will be released shortly.


Translation: "You will get raped."


"Welcome to the rape tunnel!"


"Behind the steel curtain."


"Um...security...can you please open the door? The carbon dioxide is getting thicker."


"What is... Not a word you'd use to describe LAX, Alex?"


Welcome to LAX! So beautiful!


Or...maybe it IS gorgeous?


A full list of things that LAX is not.


...we could be getting a root canal instead.


This would seriously make an awesome Halloween Horror Nights maze!


State of the art airport facilities.


Oh please...please get us the hell out LAX and into Tokyo as soon as possible!


Our Tokyo view from the hotel.


TPR has made it to Tokyo Disneyland!


First stop... Visit her fairy godmother....Piers!


Ahh, Tokyo Disney... So awesome.


Our first authentic Japanese meal? An "All-American Hot Dog!" Next stop... Nachos & Burritos!


Why was the first ride of our trip It's A Small World?


Seriously, why???


Oh...That's why!


First popcorn credit of the trip!


"I want to hatch Chip N Dale eggs!"


Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin Tokyo Style!


First coaster of the trip!


Yeah, it's just a Roller Skater, but Gadgets is the best themed of them!


There's something to be said about the "retro", take the escalator up, no music version of Space Mountain.


Oooh!!! Cool looking station!


Got in all three Tokyo Disneyland coasters in about an hour!


Hey! Can you spot the TPR members anywhere?


I would have waited for the train, but the uber efficient operations had us moving too quickly!


Next popcorn flavor! This is one of the best!


In Japan, "Dole Whips" are flavored Green Apple and Grape!


"So how is that Green Apple & Grape Dole whip?" "Ummm....interesting?"


I'm sure I've seen this somewhere before...


Elissa - "Ok, I'm done. Japan won't get any better than this!"


This is like a new ride for me! I've only ever been here when Haunted Mansion Holiday is going on!


I didn't know they cast Eric Idle for this too!


I'm totally stoked for a new Tiki Room credit!


Instructions on how to use your translator?!?!?


We all have cool Japanese translation devices!


Main Street USA looks a bit different.


Baby Japanese duckies.


Disney characters in eggs is all the new rage!


What do you think? Is it me? EMAIL DAN mrt0ad13@aol.com if you think I should I buy the Japanese Mickey Egg Hat!


Star Tours is so lame! Rode seven times got the EXACT SAME PROGRAM each time!!!


Where exactly do we need to go again?


Mr. Turtle approves of this ad!


In Japan, Hanno is so famous he has his own train station!


Our first Japanese dinner is one Dan & Joey will be very jealous of!






This Yakitori place at Sunshine City... GREAT!!!


More updates to come soon!


Remember - follow us on Twitter and Facebook for LIVE UPDATES from Japan! And most important...





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Aww - wish I was still there. Hey, we didn't get translators when we saw Tiki Room a few weeks ago...


The yakitori looked great. We found a fantastic kaiten sushi place in Maihama just a couple of bus stops from TDR.


Can't wait to see all the updates!

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Wish I was there. It's good to see the girls still show up in costume. Tokyo Disneyland is both huge fun and full of sexy Japanese cos-players. I'm pretty sure that's exactly what heaven will be like.


I've never been, but based on EVERY TRIP REPORT ever published, I'd have to agree that the Tokyo Disney Resort is my idea of heaven. Totally buries The Want Meter into the red.


Awesome start and can't wait for the upcoming updates!

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The sitch tiki room version looks so much better than the under new management. Thanks for the pics!

I heard that they were reverting Under New Management to the original version of the Tiki Room because of the fire they had there. I think I am the only person in the universe that liked Under New Management

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