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  1. Maybe it was because I grew up in Virginia, but Disney's America sticks out in my mind the most. I remember watching Gov. George Allen talk it up, believing it could bring in billions of dollars in direct/indirect tax dollars. However, it was a pretty horrible idea from the start and was opposed immediately. They wanted to build it very close to famous battlefields. It also would have increased traffic and congestion in Northern Virginia which has been bad for decades. Anyone who's been to the NoVA/Washington D.C. area knows what I'm talking about. The park was also battled with a lot of silly rumors and hearsay. There were rumors they would have to build a ride or exhibit about slavery which obviously didn't go over well. Plus nobody really wanted to go to theme park based on history anyway. It just didn't sound fun. If I remember right, Disney wasn't particulary popular at the time anyway. Eisner was in charge and Disney had a real money grubbing reputation then. The project reeked of a money grab and showed a real misunderstanding of what people wanted and how they feel about American history, especially in Northern Virginia.
  2. I haven't gotten to the point of feeling sick on coasters yet. I can even eat a full meal and go right on one. However, my lower back problems are affecting my riding habits big time. B&M's don't bother me too much but older rides, especially Arrows, really cause me a lot of pain.
  3. Looks like a ton of fun. Hope they didn't have to spend too much time in LAX. That is one crappy airport, the worst I've ever been too anyway.
  4. I wish I knew that back in April. Incredible Hulk is the only B&M to ever give me a headache. It was really rough to me after that first loop. It was kind of disappointing to me. Still a great ride, just not quite what I had hoped it would be.
  5. I haven't been to Cedar Point since 1990, so I'm WAY over-due. I love looking at these trip reports to see what I'm missing. Hopefully one day I will figure out how to get up there. Great trip report! Looking forward to updates!
  6. ^ Good to hear. I love taking pictures but I want to be able to take better ones, I was just curious. My wife hated the Giant Spider too, she is scared to death of them. I just thought it was gross when it spits at you.
  7. I take it that's why you don't see too many major Huss rides around then. I think most of them look pretty cool but you just don't see many. Cedar Fair and Six Flags liked the Top Spin rides and Giant Frisbees but that's about it. Their smaller rides are around a lot but not many of the "Giant" rides.
  8. Beautiful pictures, especially the panoramic ones. Quick question: Please don't take this wrong, I am really just asking a simple question here. Are some of the photos crooked to show unique angles or is is some other photo trick?
  9. ^ Good to hear. Hopefully they get all the problems worked out now and it doesn't become a yearly thing with major breakdowns.
  10. Straight and married for over 13 years to a wonderful woman.
  11. I am very interested to know what is wrong with Timber Tower and why this is such a problem to get fixed. Why would there be a dispute about it? Maybe this is why there are not more in the country; people don't want to deal with Huss.
  12. I live in North Carolina, so it's all Pepsi all-the-time. It all being in New Bern, NC after all. Honestly, I don't mind any of them. Dr. Pepper is my #1 choice but I don't make a fuss if its not available. I actually like Pepsi Max though, but Coke Zero is pretty good too. Danged soda is my achilles heel!
  13. 1. US 2. Canada 3. Mexico 4. United Kingdom 5. Germany 6. Italy 7. Switzerland 8. Austria 9. Liechtenstein 10. France 11. Luxembourg 12. Belgium 13. The Netherlands 14. Portugal 15. Spain 16. Turkey 17. South Korea 18. Japan 19. Qatar 20. Kuwait 21. Iraq
  14. The Canucks make no sense to me. One minute they look great, the next they look like a team with only 20 wins. It's not even half way through the First Period in Game 6 and it's already 3-0 Boston.
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