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  1. I am so excited about this group, I have never been able to go to a meet up but now I can because you are all in FL! Can anybody say Lion Country Safari? It is basically the equivalent of ghetto Animal Kingdom. I am looking forward to some awesome TPR Bashes! Hopefully you will have meet ups in the Palm Beach area we are a "tourist destination", which basically means no one wants to come down here unless they have to.
  2. Last time I was at Sea World nothing seemed that outdated...plus don't they already have an Arctic attraction, Wild Arctic (which frankly reeked of sweaty gym socks last time I rode)? If this new attraction is a Dark Ride I am praying for a boat ride! Another attraction I hope is going to have a revamp in the works is Journey to Atlantis, its an excellent ride but the last time I rode a couple of the animatronics were broken. Atlantis also SCREAMS 90s and could definitely use some serious TLC. Just another shamless plug here a pre show for Kraken would be great
  3. I have a new calling in life and it is to goto Japan and go on all of the awesome roller coasters (especially Space Fantasy!) Why cant Universal Studios Florida BE THIS AWESOME!?
  4. I heard that they were reverting Under New Management to the original version of the Tiki Room because of the fire they had there. I think I am the only person in the universe that liked Under New Management
  5. Walking into the bathroom and having a transvestite check you out. Whats worse than having a rabid mongoose for a dog?
  6. I cant believe Skull Mountain is closing and I never got a chance to enjoy it... EDIT: Did TPR ever do an on ride video of Skull Mountain? I am just curious that's all...
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