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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Thanks for all the popcorn pics and answering all my Tokyo Disney popcorn questions. I wish we could have some interesting popcorn flavors like this at Disneyland in California, and done right too like the holes for the unpopped kernels to fall. Was there no coconut popcorn this time? I love the Mickey shaped churros too and the weird extra long goyzas. The most interesting food we have in CA is the Dole Pineapple soft serve/whip floats and the Bengal BBQ skewers (which are really good too).


Back to the rides, all the POVs and pics are awesome. The place didn't look too crowded, what was the longest line you saw posted and what was the longest line you waited in? I would love to see an original major coaster here (Tokyo Disney style) several years down the road (it could happen) even though the attractions they have now are great


-Andrew "hoping I'll win the Tokyo TPR Bag of Crap" Rector

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They had a big display about the Tokyo Disney monorails. I knew at least one person on TPR would appreciate this...maybe two!

Yes, I am that second person.


I'm sure this isn't feasible, but I really wish the United States Disney parks major attractions (Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, etc) had different story lines from each other like DisneySea's Hightower Tower of Terror and Paris' Discoveryland Space Mountain. It would really make the experiences all unique and promote guests to go to all the parks around the world instead of having an "I've gone to one and I've seen them all" attitude.

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Another fantastic update! I need to experience oriental Disney for myself!


Question for Robb (or anybody else who answer), does the Shiriki Tower work in the same way as the DLP Bad Tower, i.e. straight up and down, rather than WDW Good Tower's moving 'forward' section?


Can't wait for updates 3 and 4!!!

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Once again, great update! Those pictures are incredible, with all the detail in the parks. And yet, somehow I'm figuring they don't do the visuals justice. I guess I will have to go there at some point and see for myself. Did you have waits for the rides when you got into the park early? Ohm and that gyoza looks tasty, if rather silly due to its size and floppiness.

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Regarding the Shiriki Tower:


The pre-show room...sorry Rod Serling, Shiriki's got more tricks up his sleeve than you've got lives left!


What's ironic about this is that the Tokyo Tower's storyline is actually closer to a Twilight Zone episode than the storyline of the other versions in that it has a "moral": There are consequences for plundering ancient cultures. The other versions are more "generic" ghost stories.

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Tower of Terror is simply astounding!


I also appreciated the factoids on the round-trip train and Intamin-Giovanola-Pinfari coasters.


The pictures continue to be beautiful, and thanks for getting so many!

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