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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Ok, so we rode 54 times and we kept going to Endor each time. WTF!!! See for yourself...watch this video! "Light-O Speeeeeed!"
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arguably my favorite caption in any TR EVER! OMG I know usually when you say LOL you don't actually laugh... but I just laughed so damn hard! Crazy!
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Once again, great stuff. The Star Tours building is terrific. I have never really looked at pics of it before.


Tell Kidtums thanks for the Small World video. I am one of those people who do not mind the attraction. At least this one does not have Woody and Jessie in it. The colors seem more vibrant and I swear there is a whole lot more going on in their version that the American ones.

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I actually don't mind It's a Small World because I'm a music person. I can recognize that it's not the same lyrics over and over and that each room is essentially a variation on the theme (Except maybe that last room, stacked boats get annoying).


The US Disney parks are better to me for one reason - the fairy godmother is a fun old woman, and not someone with a creepy face.

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This Japan trip looks like the best trip tpr have organised. Was it as good as it looks for those who went?


Tokyo Disney resort looks the dog's balearic's. Thanks very much for the intensive reports you bring to us jealous folk who can't afford to go.

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I love the seemingly-random mishmash of the pieces and parts from the two US parks and how they all manage to work together somehow. I love TDL's castle's paint job! Every time I see it I smile, and I probably like it better than MK's.

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I really think more parks should get into enclosing their entrance plaza. Not just for the rain, but when it's over 100 degrees out, the shade would be nice. That park may not be as good as Disney Sea, but it still looks amazing.

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Is that grass real ?

Looks better than on a golf course.

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And now....Theme Park Review presents to you...


The Ultimate TPR Tokyo Disney Resort Update - Part 1

(Ps. Part 2 has also been posted!)


During our visit to the Tokyo Disney Resort, between Hanno and myself, we took literally thousands of photos! It's taken me a while to sort through them all, and now I present to you a collection of about 500 different pictures and around 25 attraction videos taken during our visit. Grab some Black Pepper or Curry Popcorn, and get ready to browse through tons of photos and watch loads of video from one of the worlds most amazing theme park resorts!


Part 1 of 4 will start with DisneySea! Click the image below to take you to the update!




TPR is going to give away FOUR Japan/Tokyo Disney themed Bags-o-Crap! One for each Tokyo Disney Resort update we post! To enter to win one, all you have to do is POST YOUR COMMENTS to this thread! We will select at random one person between each of the updates posted to receive this awesome bag full of Japanese CRAP!


So click that "reply" button and POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!


Enjoy the updates!



I have decided that i hate both of you the most of all....hee hee i loved disneysea when i was there in 2005, i thought that it would have made a beautiful twin park to Disneyland in California but alas we ended up with california adventure

If anyone has a park map...large one that is i would love one searched the whole resort my day there for one and never got the chance to purchase one....Beautiful park great theming i felt like i was on another planet there DISNEY AT ITS BEST hopefully they get the idea to replicate it as the third gate in anaheim

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So I managed to read through the entire trip report!


Pooh looks incredible! The level of detail combined with the cool trackless technology, there's no wonder everyone loves that ride. The Twilight Zone sequence and trippy dream thingy feels kinda out of place and confusing to me though. I'm also not keen on the voices, but that's only because I'm so used to the American ones.


Monsters looks like a ton of fun too!


But DisneySea, OMG! The theming, the ride quality, everything about that park is perfect.


For the Sinbad ride, I actually like both of them. The music (and Chandu) from the newer incarnation and the dark atmosphere in the original one... If Disney could find a way to combine the music and Chandu with the occasional dark scenes and ominous music, it would be an amazing ride.


Fantasmic was a great watch too!


One day I would love to visit Tokyo Disney and DisneySea. Being a Disney theme park fan, both parks are very high on my list of theme parks I must visit before I die. Hopefully on another Japan tour in the future.

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