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  1. The space by the big box was were trauma towers was I think but yes the big box is alice in wonderland. The mouse was the other space next to the ghost train and behind the stalls.
  2. Wow looks fantastic for the kids. I take it the previews are invite only at the moment?
  3. Cheers for updates loving all the changes, can't wait to check them out in a few weeks time although wish I was going when everything is open and launched.
  4. Very interesting although again can't see it being to successful as a lot of brits go to majorca for a ride of a different kind.
  5. This Japan trip looks like the best trip tpr have organised. Was it as good as it looks for those who went? Tokyo Disney resort looks the dog's balearic's. Thanks very much for the intensive reports you bring to us jealous folk who can't afford to go.
  6. I love how quick you are getting these fantastic trip reports up. Making me that little less jealous. Japan looks like a fantastic country to visit with some lovely looking theme parks
  7. I was at the park less than 2 weeks ago and it was a saturday and everything other than ben10 was less than 15 minutes q time. There was no staggering of ride times, they were open 10.30am till 5pm.
  8. All included. There is no charge at all. You can book a private session for the Flowrider, which is what we did last night, which is $60 per person, and it limits the group to 8 people. We only have 4 people last night and plenty of time on the Flowrider (our session ended up being about 90 minutes) The rest of the time I've been going during the normal public sessions, and I still got in a TON of Flowrider time. But yeah, those two attractions, the rock climbing wall, the carousel.... all included. No additional cost. --Robb Thanks very much. When you think about it and take into account all the things you get for nothing it really does seem like great value for money.
  9. Wow this ship looks amazing. Thanks very much for the trip report although it makes me extremely jealous. I know you've answered loads of questions regarding upcharges but I have a couple more burning, (more calories than the fella with the flat tyre) are the classes, included? Also what are the prices like for the zip wire and flow rider? Cheers.
  10. You were lucky with 2 actors on thirteen. Wasn't any to be seen on sunday and the park was rammed.
  11. Superb looking travel fair that. Went to dusseldorf last year and visited both phantasialand and movie park. It's a beautiful city and well worth a visit. Will have to visit again when this funfair is there.
  12. Great news for blackpool, explains why this year they only spent 3.5 million So do we think it's safe to say rollercoaster, frog hopper, log flume, magic mountain and zipper dipper will be the 5 re-themed rides?
  13. Can't say i've ever noticed that date marker by the alice's wonderland ride before. Really don't know why rollercoaster isn't running if it is capable. I just presume the old woodies at bpb take a lot of maitenance and preparations in the mornings. Big dipper opened late last sunday due to something not working right and it broke down on the lift hill at least 2 times. Maybe it's worth e-mailing bpb and asking if there would be a chance of getting rollercoaster working for the uk tour.
  14. Oh I forgot to mention, a word of warning, do not go and see the puppet show at planet rock as you will never get the 20 minutes back. Big dipper stuck on the lift hill. Avalanche kept getting stuck at the brake run. Bpb does still have a mini log flume. Who has the best glasses New dodgems under the revelotion
  15. Went to blackpool last sunday, had a cracking day as the park was very quiet and the weather was pretty good. As other trip reports have shown, there is no big addition to bpb this year. Just fountains, rockery and a new smaller dodgems. Sadly rollercoaster, gold mine & space invaders are still closed. As reported trauma towers & noah's ark are closed too. They are using the entrance to trauma towers as a photo sales booth, there is a guy dressed as the joker trying to scare people as a picture is taken & you can buy the pictures. Everything else seemed to be working altho not perfectly. Throughout the day I seen big dipper, avalanche & bling breaking down. I really hope with blackpool football club getting into the top premier league, blackpool as a whole will get a big boost. A new woodie at bpb would be great. 3 coasters, 3 styles, 3 decades Fountains all seemed to be working More of a queen than a king Sadly just about the best themeing you'll get in bpb How this guy can laugh all day without wetting his pants is anybodys guess Doesn't look as bad as mine Gone but not forgotten Polo anyone? That's impossible I thought batman defeated the joker Beautiful blackpool pleasure beach The calm before the storm of pain Alice?? Who the F**k is alice These aren't just any old loos I must smell, mr purple mad hatter seems to be leaning away from me Someone tickle him under his arm please Ahhh spitting dragons how wonderful Lift hill alert Poor old rollercoaster Zooom, I do miss rollercoaster the rollercoaster Hardly bling written in silver, now gold is bling. Eye see
  16. Lost world looked like it has gone as when I peered through all I could see was junk all over the place. As for the go gator that wasn't there last weekend although the pic on rcdb is from southport showing it there. Strange maybe i'm blind. The big apple wasn't there either. It was a caterpilar ride but with no apple.
  17. Hi I went to southport last weekend to splash world. Afterwards I thought i'd go and check out how the new pleasureland was looking and get a few pictures. Sadly my camera broke on me and I had to use my iphone, so apologies for the quality. Splash world is fun although only for an hour or so. It is only a small indoor water park (if you can even call it that). There are 3 slides, a bubble spa, a toddler kids area, a kids splash zone & a flowing river. The Price was £7.50 for all day, although on busy days they do have to allocate coloured bands. You are guaranteed minimum 1.5 hours tho. Pleasureland was £1 a token with most rides being 2/3 tokens a ride. No other way to descibe the new pleasureland than a glorified travelling fair. There are 3 coasters, wild mouse, a caterpillar and the wild cat. I've tried to get pictures of all the thrill/adult rides. The new pleasureland is sadly lacking the atmosphere it used to have. I'm sure it would still be fun in a large group tho. Southport is still a good day out and is well worth a visit on the uk trip/tour. There is plenty to do like crazy golf, ride various boats, visit the miniature railway, go to the arcades etc. Just hope for a sunny day. Splash world! View from splash world car park. A very popular ride. Beautiful isn't it The arcade is still there. Artistic or just a rubbish camera? Everyone loves a log flume unless your names dan. Couldn't get a good picture due to the sun. Just a standard wild mouse. Weirdly they have 2 tropical trip rides. Elvis may have left the building...... The lost ride more like it. Themeing. Southport zoo lives on. 1 for you patriots Southport really does have potential Hamster balls on water. My grans beautiful grey hair, oh and funland amusement arcade. The jet was £4 a ride. Not the craziest crazy golf but fun Lastly 1 other remaining feature of the old pleasureland.
  18. I love your commitment robb, never mind the shock of being in a burning building you knew you had to get us some live pics. Glad no one was hurt and cheers for the pics.
  19. Fancy taking the poor lad to the gay clubs, strip clubs next time please.
  20. Card sent all the way from the uk, expect it in about a year Hopefully will reach you eventually.
  21. Some great pics been released from alton towers aswell.
  22. Thanks Larry I get felt dumb after reading the topic properly and noticing you can submit reports and pictures. Just looking at the new park index that is in progress and I have to say that it is amazing. Keep up the great work.
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