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  1. Amazing stuff. I am very jealous of the backstage tour at the Monster Mansion.
  2. Aww, it is over. Thanks for putting the report together.
  3. Once again, great stuff. The Star Tours building is terrific. I have never really looked at pics of it before. Tell Kidtums thanks for the Small World video. I am one of those people who do not mind the attraction. At least this one does not have Woody and Jessie in it. The colors seem more vibrant and I swear there is a whole lot more going on in their version that the American ones.
  4. Ahh Tokyo Disney. Proof that the best Disney is not owned by Disney.
  5. Hooray. The reports from Japan have all been terrific. But this is the part I have been waiting for.
  6. What is this? A local trip report? Amazing. Thanks for posting it. I love the new bridge. Before it was there, it would sometimes take a hour or more to cross. Now it is a breeze.
  7. Count me in the Phineas and Ferb fanclub. However, my favorite TV show is Venture Brothers. New season kicked off last Monday.
  8. Not a problem at all. I know I really appreciate seeing how it has really changed. I've only been once since 1982, in 2001, so I do not know how it all fits together. So it's great to see what is still there and what is not.
  9. Thanks for all the comments. Yes, that is the Santa Clara Great America. I have never been to the one in Illinois. I don't think I have any more pictures except for family shots, which don't show much theme park. I will double check in the next few days.
  10. The last 2 pics form 1982. I hope you all enjoy these pics. It's been fun sharing them with you. More Tidal Wave goodness. Sky Whirl and the Demon can be seen in the background. I remember all the pinkish red water at the Demon. Shame they got rid of that detail. Anyone else remember the bees?
  11. I promised to post pics from Great America and here they are. The last three of these pics came from a visit in 1982. There weren't enough for their own thread, so I'll post them here. From 1982. Bugs Bunny and pals in a stage show. Wonder who the other rabbit is. Willard's Whizzer. It was my first roller coaster when I returned in 1982. I rode it with my Grandfather. You can also see Turn of the Century, before it became Demon. The Sky Whirl is in the background. Once again, nice and clean looking. And there is a pic of the lost, but not forgotten Tidal Wave. R.I.P. Looking down. Notice how nice and clean it is. Notice how it has a nice New Orleans theme. Is that a train track? Kind of boring, yet, how often do you see a pic of the area before it was built up. I'm guessing that these next pics were taken from the sky tower. Once again, the Carousel. Porky Pig. Now if Bugs is the pimp does that mean... Ya know what, let's not finish that thought. And yes that is 3 year old Melonballer at Porky's side. Hey look, it's Bugs Bunny! Now that is one patriotic pimp suit. The carousel. Is any Great America report complete without at least one pic of it. Notice Willard's Whizzer in the background.
  12. Here are some more pictures from Marine World Africa USA. I'll have Great America up soon. One of the few memories I have from the park is of this slide. Lions. Why did it have to be Lions? Lions and Tigers. If there was a bear, I'd have to make a Wizard of Oz reference.
  13. Some of you probably remember the pictures I posted recently of Disneyland in 1979. I promised to get some more pics from that time and post them. After we went to Disneyland we went to the Bay Area and visited my relatives that live there. While there we visited Marine World Africa USA. I have to admit that I do not remember much from Marine World, so I am glad I have the pictures. So here are some of the best. I also have some pics from Great America from 1979 too and I'll get them posted soon. Allright! 1970's TnA. Giggety-Giggety, Giggety-Go. Fast boats. Boy my comments stink so far. There was a water ski show. Apparantly there was a boat ride that took you past all these animals who lived in a Dust Bowl. The Sea Lion part of the show. The Killer Whale show, with pirates.
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