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  1. I really only use Facebook. I would consider myself an active responder and frequent reposter of tpr stuff
  2. Yes there has been a super bowl theme park commercial. Every year wgen the mvp states hes going to Disneyland
  3. Wow its amazing how they nailed the look of Paris so well...wait a minute, never mind
  4. what I would like to know is where is the Intamin cable? we all know somehow he is responsible for all of this mess
  5. Riding El Toro with Robb I found myself anticipating a WEEEEEE!!!! .... I got one. Also whoever started this post should go on one of the trips to see what the fun is all about. That's the great thing about the trips, they are open to all... Douchebags included
  6. Here is my top ten 1. Bandit- Moviepark Germany 2. Anaconda- Walygator 3. Mean Streak- cedar point 4. Le Monstre la ronde 6. cyclone NYC (back seat) 7. Wildcat- Lake compounce 8. The Starliner-(with the pothole after the drop) GONE 9. Son of Beast- with loop and old trains GONE 10. Grizzly either one they are both awesome
  7. It does come off as negative towards the tour organizers. I have always found that on tpr trips the thing I admire most about the organization is thier outstanding ability to adapt to problems when they arise. (which is rare) P.S AJ please dont spin the expidition geforce thing as a negative on your europe trip. Just saying
  8. HEY!!! I made it into a Hanno pic update. Im official now. Great job Hanno. Because of you I dont feel so bad about my camera getting stolen.
  9. I wholeheartedly agree neil. The park staff was as cool and gracious as any could be. They were so apologetic with a situation we all knew was out of their control. Opening up the food stall so that we could get more beer and free ice cream was awesome. I keep saying that it's non scheduled things that happen during a tpr trip that I look back on and enjoy the most.
  10. it was about 20 minutes when we first got there. Some of us crafty people got 2 rides in a row by hopping back on the empty seats while the rest of us obeyed protocol by calmly exiting the ride (cough cough wink wink Talone) the longest line I waited in was for the flume and that was about 25 min. We all waited about 2 hrs. after the park closed to see if they could get the catch car down from the top of the lift. Alas they could not.
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