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  1. Hi i was looking for a recreation of opryland usa... i have tried other sites to no avail...there was one on here but i couldnt download it the file had been removed if anyone has a copy of this i would love a copy of it Thanks in advance
  2. So just to make it clear i have exausted all of the normal search options...search engines etc. What i am looking for is someone to send me some files if they still have them on file i have tried altavista, google, coasterforce, new element, rct lounge, coasternet,magic forum, thrillnetwork and just about everyother venue for rct files. Any file or real parks would be great thanks in advance joe
  3. I've actually gone to new element nothing to be found... and I've checked all the usual places..google, alta vista coaster net and a couple of dutch sites...and a couple of french sites as well and i even tried to contact the park makers who made disneyland paris a couple of years ago but the email no longer works that they provided on site believe the one that i downloaded so many great parks from is full of download links that no longer work...was hoping someone would be able to throw it my way. Not sure where else to check. thanks for the response though any parks you could post here would be great still
  4. Hello to all Due to a computer meltdown on both of my laptops i have lost many rollercoaster tycoon 2 files. I was hoping someone could help me out with finding the following parks EuroDisneyland Opryland USA Lake Compounce Kings Dominion or any others that you might have. I have tried googling and altavista-ing and bing-ing heh heh But to no avail. If you have any real park recreations could you pass them on to me. Any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Joseph
  5. I wouldnt mind a copy of this to play around with...any chance you are releasing it here
  6. i am still looking for the rct 2 opryland usa file if anyone has it, i would like a copy You could post it here for all to enjoy or pm me
  7. Just spent a couple of days trying to find some parks that I had lost because my laptop got a virus and I had to re-format the hard drive. I'm trying to find the following parks: Disneyland Paris Opryland USA Michigan's Adventure Busch Gardens Williamsburg If anyone can help me, please let me know by Private Message. Thanks so much for all your help.
  8. I like the recreation. It is the first one I've ever seen for Valleyfair..nice work!
  9. what ever happened to this it looked really good, i would not mind having a copy of this to complete and play around with
  10. i guess ill be heading out to the park when it opens....cant remember the last time i was there this ride finally makes the park worth going to...hopefully they run this as smoothly as millenium force is run
  11. looks very good anyone have a copy of this for RCT2? just asking thanks
  12. dont ask me why but i am coveting that fishpipe t shirt.....is that a bad thing
  13. I have decided that i hate both of you the most of all....hee hee i loved disneysea when i was there in 2005, i thought that it would have made a beautiful twin park to Disneyland in California but alas we ended up with california adventure If anyone has a park map...large one that is i would love one searched the whole resort my day there for one and never got the chance to purchase one....Beautiful park great theming i felt like i was on another planet there DISNEY AT ITS BEST hopefully they get the idea to replicate it as the third gate in anaheim
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