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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Incredible update! I really really miss that place and hope I can get out there soon. Also, the photo captions were awesome! The captions are comedy gold Glad you all had an incredible time!

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Is Mount Prometheus made of an existing rock? It looks so realistic.

I believe this is one of the reasons why there are very few construction photos of it. It seems that no one seems to really know. The crazy part about it, is that if it IS made out of real rock, that would be INSANE. The scale of it is just impressive (look at the images of the ride vehicles coming out of it and notice how small the cars look compared to the mountain), and having built something like that out of real rock would be crazy!

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And here I thought Animal Kingdom looked good...


Besides the park looking incredible, I really like how the hotel actually looks over the park. I felt a bit disconnected from the parks at my WDW hotel, since you had to take a bus and couldnt really see it. That view and being able to see the show from the hotel is really amazing.


And until this update, I thought Aquatopia was litteraly a water version of Autopia where you raced people.

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This has to be the best park ever created! The detail put into this should not even be possible, yet Disney just simply pulled it out of their pocket. This is also definately the best trip report I've seen from this park, so thanks Robb and Hanno! Probably the one thing I am most jealous of is Fantasmic. Hands down the best theme park show. I can't wait to see what great and exciting things will come to Disney Sea in the future. Thanks again for the report!

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My goodness Robb, you have captured the beauty of this park so well its like I am being transported back there. For those of you who have not been to Tokyo Disney Sea, as amazing as these pictures are they do not even begin to capture how much detail is in this park. On my very first visit for the first 4 hours I had only ridden Journey the rest of the time I was looking at all the scenery and attention to detail that is in this park... and this update only includes about half of the park.


I agree that Aquatopia is the greatest pointless ride ever created, its hard to describe but as soon as the vehicle starts to pull forward its like your 6 years old all over again. You are constantly giggleing on the ride and you look at everyone else riding and they are laughing and giggeling it just brings out the kid in you. The 3 days I was there last year I easily rode Aquatopia at least 30+ times, words just can not describe how pointlessly awesome it is. Plus as an added bonus the 'strawberry popcorn" cart is next the ride so you have that great smell in the air as you ride.



I cannot wait until there are more pics of Tokyo Disney Sea so I can relive all the "other" great attractions like TOT, Indy, Raging Spirits, Storm Rider (one of my favorites at TDS), electric railway and all the rest that this park has to offer. Thank you very much Robb, Elissa and Kid Tums for sharing your Family time with the rest of us, it has been simply amazing.

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Personally, I think Tokyo Disney resort destroys all the other Disney parks. The theming is incredible and the rides are cool! And it's in Japan, Which makes it awesome in the first place. Plus, you don't have to worry about stupid people and "French crushing" you see in other parks around the world!

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For those of you who have not been to Tokyo Disney Sea, as amazing as these pictures are they do not even begin to capture how much detail is in this park.


Quoted for absolute truth!!


Having been there a few times myself, I NEVER get tired of looking at pictures of TDS!!!


It is so easy to walk around dumbfounded at just how amazing the place looks!


Looking forward to the rest of the updates!!



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