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  1. Interesting side note... The park was billed often as Fiesta, Texas : The Town built just for fun... So in a way the yahoo article is paying tribute to a past history of the park. Of course it is likely unintentional, but still.
  2. This is too much fun... Back in 2005, in one of the Fright Fest shows, they had John Denver Leaving on a Jet Plane not knowing when he would be back again... Maybe that joke has come full circle!! New In 2015 "John Denver: The Return on Aeroplane: The Ride"
  3. Other than a curtain call and special final ride. IRat was not very hyped by the park prior to the announcement. We are at least a month or so away from the official announcement and already we have had Phone Numbers and balloons. By the time they get the announcement going I am sure there will be a few more unique little tid bits they give out. I do not know if the community will be as thrilled by this announcement as it was for IRat, but I just think overall this will be something on the more unique side of things which will of course stir debate! This is just pure speculation or something like that on my part.
  4. With all that has been put into this so far and what is likely to come down; I think we can count on a slightly special attraction. It may not be a 500ft, launch, inverted, hybrid, aquatrax, mega coaster(well do not rule that out)... But this should be a somewhat unique attraction/concept I would imagine. This is by far the most pre hype that the park has ever put behind something.
  5. I agree with your statements Robb. I am out of state and likely will not get to ride until later this month, but from what I have seen all along I have felt that this is more about an adventure rather than a coaster. The scenic work is just stunning on all levels. I mean it seems real and polished and everything you would expect out of the new extreme detailed attractions going in at the Orlando parks. It looks like it will be a real winner for the family! Coasterfan boy/girls need not apply!
  6. Not that I can tell of. They had some updated lighter meal options at several food places, but other than that all food ops looked the same. As far as the uniform I think it is chain wide as I believe someone mentioned it in the SFoT thread that they saw Blue shirts too.
  7. I was there for opening. The park felt good for an opening day. Nice to see the yellow shirts gone in favor of the blue ones. Employees seemed well mannered. New entrance is nice looking and move the metal detectors to the Alamo wall. It will be nice for high crowd days. The scanners at the gate seem to have some lag and I am sure that will create hold ups at some point but that technology and people for you. The shows were awesome. Rockville had better flow to it. The cast was very good for it being an opening day. The New Roadhouse Country was an amazing show! The talent was overflowing on the stage and the feel of the show was a god western bar in Texas on a Saturday night with your friends. IR was running well and only time trains were stacked was when a guest was unable to fit. The ops were very good at ensuring that all restraints were proper and getting the train moving out of the station. Pandemonium has a moving station now. Seemed to work well. Boomerang had a breakdown, that is all nothing more or that out of the ordinary for a Boomerang I should say. Overall it was a great day and a good start; the park is operating quite well these days. Both SA parks have advantage of having a short off season now which helps retain employees and knowledge as well as keeping things fluid and moving.
  8. Based off some of the logic I am seeing almost every park in this country is going under because "Ultra Mega Theme Park Parent Company did not build a record breaking ride every year at Not So Mega Local Park." Simply put with out having financial record of each park this subject has little substance. Even attendance numbers that are estimated based off what you saw on a non crowded day at a park are flawed. Some of the highest revenue days at South Texas parks, FECs, and other tourist venues are days that attendance reflects low during Holy Week, however most of those attending are from Mexico and are very wealthy. The spend high dollars on many things at each place. SFNO was wrecked by a hurricane, but yes it was likely in a struggle as it was a leased park with revenue sharing schemes that made it hard to be profitable and had capital milestones. SFAW was actually performing decently well, but in a last ditch effort to save face was put up for sell on a false hope of banking huge dollars off the sale of the land in the proxy battle. SFKK was a similar issue to what would have happened with SFNO. They did not own the park out right. Parks are very very complicated business. A seasoned guest would often have a hard time knowing how well one if performing. Heck, even one who works at one and has for years would have a hard time guessing. Unless you have the numbers it is hard to tell.
  9. From the details that are in the map I say this is a 98 creation and your influence was greater than you are appreciating. You say nothing ever came of it, but the Kiddie ride package was installed in 99 with many of the rides in your drawings, but just in many locations around the park. Scream started out as a single drop tower and turned into an S&S combo. Superman is near the current spot for your looping coaster. The water park expansion happened too! Finally the Boardwalk wooden coaster was on and off for a while. Once AW was closed the rumors kicked into high gear with Cyclone trains and ride entrance showing up and markings in the Boardwalk area. So give yourself some credit a lot of this happened in a way!
  10. I enjoy the twitter bar to right. I am admittedly behind the social network times and don't use twitter, but having the feed there to me is almost like a shortcut bar to many interesting links and such yall may post via twitter. Ryan
  11. As a guest: I too have a minimal approach. -Phone -Wallet Of course any weather accessories as needed based of time of year and forecast. When working: That is another story, Lets just say I have a truck load of things that I may need based off the project Ryan
  12. Back when it was A Lone Star Christmas 92-95 there was a Christmas Firework and Laser show. In it San Antonio Sam explained how he loved this time of year and what the season was really all about. Then there was a small shout out section to other religious holidays this time of year. I have a VHS some where that I maybe able to dig up. Ryan
  13. Mind blow again... I mean the base of the track mine as well be touching the cliff edge there! That is sick looking. I think both physically and visually it will be a stunning part of the ride.
  14. A GCI was, I think, on a short list for several years 2003-2005. Then there was going to be a NEW Texas Cyclone to replace the old one at AW. That being said this coaster is all white and post Big Spin(aka coaster with 3 names in is 6 year existence) My guess is this is a 2008 proposal to Shapiro's team for a new Texas Cyclone ride.
  15. I was looking to go on a 10 day Tornado Chasing tour this spring for some adventure vacationing. They only give a 5% chance of any encounter... I think that a Carnival cruise will give me a better chance at adventure and cost way less! I just may I JUST MAY!
  16. I am confused... I have no idea what is going on anymore... This ride makes no sense! Honestly I look at the pictures now and I just don't know what to think. How is it possible? Is this real life?
  17. I think they are on Gen 2 of I box track. The added top has the plate I would imagine for RMC own trains that would allow for easy replacement. That is just my guess and observations.
  18. And that my friends should banish all the people who are up in arms about this to the nether regions of the interwebs... When Ed Markey is on your side you should take that as a serious warning that you are wrong. If you don't confess your sins soon bad things will happen. You will claim G-Forces are too high, then that the air is to polluted to go outside, so you buy a couple of cats and lock the door, then you use online retailers to make all your purchases, but then it turns out that those retailers are too collecting info on you, you become more reclusive, CATS MULTIPLY,..."New at 11 tonight we enter a home with over 90 cats to find a man who's life was ruined and it all started with Disney's My Magic+"
  19. ^Yep clearly Disney has no idea what they are doing and will end up like AstroWorld. As an annual passholder who goes once a week or more this does not bother me at all. Why shouldn't someone who gets to go once every five years and pay $400 plus a night to stay on property get a few extra perks other than EMH? In reality it seems as if those perks will once perfected be extended out to most all who come to the park. Sure you may have to pay extra, but aren't you already doing that by staying at a resort on property that comes with a built-in premium? The average guest wants to be told what and when to do something to some extent. Think about all the advice books on how to do Disney and now planning sites devoted to it. Surely you have gone to any WDW park and seen the poor mom or dad with the day planner trying to get the group to stay on task so they can "do everything" Disney is simply giving the guest a better way to do that. I also think it will make it less stress on the guest. Now sure to us we just want to go and do as we please, but it is not like that is going away. Most of us will stick to our routine and go at off times anyways which stand-by is shorter and it doesn't matter as much. Ryan
  20. Yes YES indeed it is... Muwhahaha I guess it is just all irony too. Someone said that all the fried food lead to massive heart burn that is the more likely story. Ryan
  21. Call me crazy, but I some how think this was all planned. The state fair was being overly nostalgic about Big Tex months leading up to the State Fair (if you are a fan on Facebook you will know what I mean) I think it was time to retire the current version of Big Tex in favor of a more modern High Tech version, but knowing that the people of Texas sometimes are not to into change; they figure they just could not "Remove" Big Tex in favor of a new one. So how do you replace an Icon?... Destroy the original! Now you have your excuse and media coverage. I know my Facebook news feed is blown up right now with stories of it. Maybe my imagination is running wild here, but it just seems so fishy to me. I would be interested to see if and insurance claim is filed or not. Ryan
  22. It would seem that you will pop up on a semi large hill out of the tunnel and then to the brake runs... the first of which appear to be on a slight incline. This should mean the ride never lets up and that the ride will end soon and push through more guest. Maybe not the best for us, but a good one for the GP... give them the Gusto and end the ride to move the line! Ryan
  23. I have to give them credit for being very fluid with this ride and letting RMC do some tricks and change it up a little. When I left the park in early 2011 this ride was very much in the works. At the time there was both 100% topper track designs and IH designs floating around. All of them had some plus or minus to them and none of them had an inversion. It is good to see that in the end they continued to look at more concepts and not settle. RMC I think is going to be an new breed of coaster company and these IH coasters maybe the next "Big" think when it comes to coasters. Ryan
  24. My best guess is on August 30th we will hear something along the lines of..."Fiesta Texas hears the love from Rattler Fans: Will introduce cutting edge technology to re-imagine the ride in 2013 as "Rattler's Revenge: The Rattler Strikes Back!"... Cutting edge technology and engineering will allow the San Antonio park to rebuild the ride as a new wild experience... (Insert some random facts about the technology behind it.... Insert a few random stats...) (Insert Rattler, park history, and Chain info) I would imagine they are going to build hype and speculation over the layout with the GP as they did with NTAG. However, that being said I think we will have a pretty good idea of the layout by October based off of construction and stats we are given. There are a lot of people here good at putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Ryan
  25. The tunnel will have to have some modification for IH track. The problem is the trains sit up quite a bit higher on the IH track than the Morgans or PTCs did. The tunnel is very low fit. If you have ever had the chance to ride lights on you know. It is about a 2ft clearance from the top of a tall persons reach. That being said I think that IH trains sit close to 2ft higher making it nearly too close. There are several options though for them to correct this ranging from using no wood and just bolting the rails to the bottom of the tunnel or carving out the bottom of the tunnel more. I don't think they will raise the roof as it is sealed already and that would be rather expensive. Ryan "The A in NTAG is a mystery from the depths of TPR.. some say it stands for New TexA$$ Gaint because the ride kicks A$$"
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