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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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Today was Epic - Starting off with Kawasemi and ending with Hanayashiki. One of the best days of the TPR Japan Trip! But before you do anything...watch our Kawasemi video! It's pure Intamin awesomeness!




Today's epic TPR day of epic epicness starts with Tobu Zoo!


Here is the park map. Like the name implies, Tobu Zoo is both a zoo and an amusement park.


Tobu Zoo's mascot welcomes TPR to this epic day...and why is it so epic?


It's because of Kawasemi!!!


The girls of TPR love Kawasemi!


Kawasemi is even nice to our "ACE" sized members!


Kawasemi is an Intamin Mega-Lite roller coaster and it is easily the best roller coaster in Japan! (And TPR even ranks it in the top five steel coasters in the world!)


The airtime on this ride is amazing! If you can imagine what i305 has in speed and height, Kawasemi makes up for it in air!


To bring amazing quality video to all of our TPR members (and to the Intamin booth at IAAPA), we were invited to go into non-guest areas to film Kawasemi!


The first drop is amazing...the first two elements are like a mini-i305!


There is airtime over every hill! It ranges from extreme to ejector! Completely amazing!


Remember Maverick's airtime hill? Try having about 7 of those, lap bars only, and even stronger!


Even this floater hill lifts you out of your seat WAAAY more than most coasters in the USA!


Here's a look at the layout of Kawasemi.


It's just awesome!


Yay! Cup O' Noodles game!


The army of robotic animals are waiting for the right moment to attack!


It's time for some Intamin wood! And time for some Intamin wood POV!




It's no Balder or El Toro, but it's actually pretty good!


Yeah, this one can shake you around a bit, but the layout is good and there is airtime!


It shore done look purdy, don't it Cleatus?


"Heeeey! I'm British! Jolly, Jolly, Jolly!"


"Don't hate me...it's not my fault I'm Australian!"


Gonna have me some yummy "Itarian" dinner!


What kind of animal am I? If you'd like to take a guess... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


It's a walk through with a confusing mirror maze and you have to save the galaxy?


Oh look! It's a Giant Ferris Wheel! We haven't seen one of these yet!


Girls I'm lonely! Join me on my next TPR Trip! To request a date with Hanno, EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


The 2011 Kawasemi TPR Marathoning team!


Kawasemi themed vending machines!


These little bears were dee-lish!


Thanks to our friends at Intamin Japan for helping sort out our visit to Tobu Zoo!


Found these flood evac maps to be very interesting.


Everything in Japan is a cartoon character!


Our next park was Hanayashiki, located in the Asakusa area, a historic cultural area of Tokyo.


The park is small, but huge on charm!


The Roller Coaster at Hanayashiki is the oldest in Japan, built in 1953.


Thank you to Mr. Takashi, a big fan if TPR for hosting our tour and letting us come and play!


And play we did as we marathoned the coaster over and over!WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! This video shows off 100% TPR ENERGY on a TPR Trip!




The TV News crew even came out to meet us, and we made it on prime time news! TPR is big in Japan! (well, mostly just big)


The park has several "home brew" rides, attractions, and walk-throughs.


The TPR marathon team is still riding.


KidTums was driving at 88 Miles Per Hour!!!


TPR crew still going!


The coaster travels the perimeter of the park, much like the coaster at Arnold's Park or Luna Park Melbourne.


Inside the "pig house" was a Haunted Swing attractions...and oddly enough there are no pigs...just elephants!




This game was awesome! You actually try to catch a live crayfish!


"Can I eat it?"


Yup, this is the oldest coaster in Japan!


Hmmm...I wonder what happened to our marathon crew?


The TPR marathoners seem to be missing...where could they be?


"We need more marathon fuel...don't worry, we will be back on the ride soon!"




Here's an overview of the park...small, but GREAT!


In the background you can see the new Tokyo Sky Tree tower. When completed it will be the tallest structure in Japan, and the 2nd tallest tower in the world!


Thank you for having us!


Get ready... PANDA ATTACK!


Crepes are sooo good in Japan! Fresh. Awesome! Yummy!




The TPR marathon crew is back!


The marathon crew is powered by 80% adrenaline, 30% insanity, and 20% beer!


We had to keep reminding the marathon crew what ride they were on...they thought they were riding a submarine!


Thanks to the energy produced by the marathon team, there will be no brown outs in Tokyo tonight!


Guys, exactly how much beer did you drink?


Row, row, row the coaster gently 'round the turn...


About 18 rides later...


About 22 rides even later...


Still rowing...


After about 30 or so rides, brains turn to mush...oh, who are we kidding...they always look like this!


Thank you Hanayashiki for a totally awesome afternoon! Kawasemi + Hanayashiki = EPIC TPR Trip Day!!!


We walked back trough Asakusa to the train station.


Where is Kung Fu Panda when you need him?


This area is very cultural, if not a little touristy.


Traveling kiosks!


Culture credit!


Yay for new Nintendo products!


And we ended our night at a conveyor belt sushi place. If you want some... EMAIL DAN!!! mrt0ad13@aol.com.

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Looks like the group had better weather at Tobu than when Divv, Andrew and I went the previous week. We did manage to get Kawasemi, though - and it was epic. Still wish I'd been with you lot for the actual TPR day at Tobu.

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Once again, epic, epic goodness- all around. The food porn is obscene... and more than a little eye-candy for the audience at hand.




The Domo-fication of the tour is sadly lacking! Only ONE Domo credit??? And NO Schwarzkopfs. (Yes, I know, there's none left in Japan. Such a culturally deprived country, I think.)

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^Isn't there a Schwartzkopf Looping Star AND a Shutttle Loop at Nagashima Spa Land?


You're right- I stand corrected in my own stupidity... How could I forget them???? I keep thinking of the lovely gem that was lost at Portopioland (DoubleLoop- with the insane drop)- and that BMRX is now English.

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So KT ended up picking up 21 "Jeff Johnson" credits or 16 actual credits on the Japan trip. I think that's pretty great!


Current count 137 JJ or 105 Actual!


100 was the Kiddie Coaster at Yomiuriland.

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I'm super amused that Kristen has more credits than I do (both Jeff Johnson and actual)! On one level, I'm extremely jealous of her credit-getting abilities, and then I remember that she's only four, and I calm down. Then, I remember that her parents are amazing, so I'm jealous all over again! 'Tis a vicious cycle!

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Very cool footage on the Kawasemi video. The overcast, partly sunny, cloud veil provided great natural lighting conditions to show off the color scheme!


That Gatorade-Electric-Lemonlime would look awesome against the backdrop of dark storm clouds with the sun highlighting... OR during that surreal time at

when atmospheric illumination becomes a natural UV/blacklight (always loved the slopes and GP neon winter garb during that time of evening = iridescently rich). Have any coasters ever been painted with a UV-responsive coating... while illuminated in the evening with HI-UV, commercial lighting?
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^I'm sure this isn't what you mean (seeing as I'm not a photographer and have no idea what you're on about ), but here's a pic I took of Kawasemi at dusk(ish) anyway!



I went by myself and rode in the front seat, completely alone on the train, which is quite a weird experience.


And I also found Regina quite fun at the start of the day, so I thought I'd wait until the end of the day when it had warmed up some more for a great ride... but the opposite happened, it was so incredibly rough the airtime had all disappeared.


Then I went back into the city and rode Thunder Dolphin. It might not be the best ride in the world, but I got lucky and was placed in the front seat. Let me tell you, front seat, at night, with lots of screaming girls in the rest of the train... quite a ride!


Anyone else ridden a mega-lite and a mega in the same day? It really emphasizes that size isn't everything!

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^ You said it! There are so many examples from the 90's, of coasters with gigantic first hills, but the rest of the ride is absolute rubbish (Desperado, anyone?)


I'm glad that people are finally realizing that good things CAN come out of smaller sizes.

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That Kawasemi "airtime filled" Intamin looks awesome, especially for its size. That coaster doesn't BS around, it just goes straight to the airtime moments. I wish the San Diego or LA Zoo or some zoo in CA had a coaster like that. The world needs more Intamin coasters, especially CA.


So was that the last day of the official TPR tour, or is there more to come?

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^There's still more!


We just got a bit behind as the days got longer and a couple of relax days at Tokyo Disney!


And you and Robb certainly earned those vacation days after the Tour, hope you both got to relax.

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^I'm sure this isn't what you mean (seeing as I'm not a photographer and have no idea what you're on about ), but here's a pic I took of Kawasemi at dusk(ish) anyway!


Oh, well I really have no idea what I'm on about either...


However... I can see "it" kind of happening in your picture... and that answered my question... almost looks like the track is starting to glow (along with what looks like a faint, fire-red, or blaze-orange coming from the train for some reason)... and I like it. Thanks. Would love to check that scene out in person at some point. Your solo ride sounded "right on" as well... surreal and special... along with the nocturnal, city-light tour on Thunder Dolphin. Memories to reflect on... and thanks for sharing.

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