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Theme Park Review in JAPAN! 2011

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That's too bad the boat jumpers aren't back, but at least the ride itself it back. Maybe one day the boat jumpers will return?


And I just have to say Meat Cow/Meat Sheep/Meat Rooster has to be one of the greatest things EVER!

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^ There will be a lot of footage from this trip going on the next Raw Blu-Ray, yes!


Robb, you have me a happy person. Can I pre-order now???? This entire trip report has been EPIC, I could not make this trip due to lack of vacation time but following along everyday has made me feel as close to being there as possible, Thank you very much, we appreciate the time and effort you put into keeping us updated.


Stupid question (please do not ban me for a week, LOL) is the Log flume ride at Cosmoworld the best log flume ride you have been on?

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^ I'm not sure it's the "best" flume I've been on...but it's really really good! In fact, I'm not sure what the best flume I've been on is as I've not really paid enough attention to them to really compare...but probably one of the Splash Mountains, I guess...

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Today was the final day of the TPR Japan trip. Boooo! But we ended the trip with a great park and a final bizarre Japanese coaster! Nasu Highland and then Galaxy Express 999! Read on...


'Sniff....today is the final day of the TPR Japan trip...but at least we get to go to a great park!


On the bus ride there, everyone was pretty much crashed out...nearly dead....


The happy Japanese wrist band crew woke up our trip members and put smiles on their faces! That and the park opened up three coasters for morning ERT!


Let's start the day off with a boom, shall we? A Big Boom!


You guys ready for this?


This is the fastest lift hill in Japan! Just watch on the video, you'll see!


"Are you SURE this is a good idea?"


Nasu Higland's Coaster Plaza is an awesome spectacle of color and coaster track!


OMG! Here we go! The drop is not quite vertical, but it sure feels like it is!


There is some serious airtime in the back seat of Big Boom! And then right after the drop...an airtime hill...


And then immediately into a vertical loop! Yes, it's a short ride, but it PACKS a lot in! Check out this POV...




Next up with the corkscrew loopy green thing...


This one kind of shook us around quite a bit.




We all preferred the "camel toe coaster" (as we called it!)


Hooray Camel Toe Coaster!


Camel Toe is another large Japanese Jet Coaster, and while it doesn't boast any big drops or much airtime, it was actually kind of fun! See for yourself, watch this video...




It had really pretty colored trains!


Almost all the coasters at Nasu used this "tire braking system", which was both awesome and weird. On Big Boom and Camel Toe you could smell burning rubber as you came into the station!


If you were a thinner rider on Camel Toe, they gave you extra padding! Most TPR members already come equipped with extra padding, so these were not necessary.


Hello Mr. Loop Top!


It's not the "curse", but it was a fairly decent dark ride...there is even video!






Does someone want to let Great America know they stole their carousel?


This was actually a really cool and bizarre attraction. You could actually catch REAL fish, and for 400 yen, they would cook it for you!


You get a fishing rod and you go fish in this lake. Fishing was free...you only had to pay if you wanted to eat what you caught!


It's JUST like the one at Islands of Adventure!


Oh, hey, I was wondering when we would finally see a giant Ferris Wheel on this trip!


The park actually has quite an assortment of different rides.


If there ever was an "I'm not so sure about this mommy" look on KidTums' face....this was it!


The Batflyer is kind of a dying breed of coaster...


Derek looks thrilled!


Ok, so that's at least a happier look now!


I believe other than the one at IOA, they are all gone in the USA parks now.


They suffered from being a VERY low capacity ride, and to be honest, not that thrilling.


And speaking of thrilling! Oh, boy! An SLC on the final day of the trip! Who planned this? What a great surprise!


This sign translates into "This ride will rape you of all your belongings!"


Is this a look before or after the ride? To answer... EMAIL DAN! mrt0ad13@aol.com


There is a LOT of extra padding on this one...


And it still doesn't help...oh, wait, he was insane before the ride!


To be honest, this was actually one of the better SLC's!


It's called "Hell Ship".... yup!


Hooray! New indoor/outdoor powered themed coaster thingy!


Here's the outdoor part....


Here is the indoor part! SPOILER ALERT! The riders get licked by a frog and then eaten by a bear. NOT KIDDING!


I got nothing...


This is one of those bizarre flat rides that looks more insane that it really is. The seats lock into place and then you are stuck in the position it locks you in for a full rotation....but it doesn't always work!


I'm not sure if I should be amazed or creeped out by this! It was the "lovers car" on the Ferris Wheel. Complete with curtains for privacy, fans, and stuffed animals! I wonder what kind of other "toys" were hidden inside?


Yes! Yes! Yes!


"Watch your speed!!!"


It's kind of like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, yet nothing like that at all.


KidTums actually LOVED this ride! It might have been her favourite of the whole trip!


There was a Lego Discovery center type of place at Nasu.


Yes, Chris, that IS a real space shuttle!


"Adam, I want you...like in THAT way....baby."


Hey, I feel like I've been here before.


Now why would they have a miniature version of Epcot?


See! Real Space Shuttle with real mission control deck!


Put your hand in here and we'll give you free pieces of paper!


Oh, no! What is chainsaw bunny going to tear down next?


Yes! Pokemon in 4D!!!!


This awesome, awesome game was knowing as the "stabbing game!"


You have five chances to stab the guy. Hit the right spot and he screams in pain! This game is very popular in south central los angeles.


If you want to just get tickets for a few rides in Coaster Plaza, this machine will be your new best friend.


Here's a look at the park map....


...and here is our buffet lunch! Yummy!


No, she's not fishing, but she's feeding them waffles! NOT KIDDING!


Now THIS is the kind of treatment I love getting at parks!


When you pull your feet out, you'll have an extra toe or two....


The bazooka game was actually pretty awesome!


Hello cute pineapple guy...please do not eat me!


Um...that's not exactly the correct...oh, never mind....


This was an odd, but cool attraction...it was a diesel powered, monorail "autopia" car...or jet!


The ride gave you a nice tour of the park...


Camel toe!!!


And the Space Jet kind of tilted going around the turns...it only just scared us a little bit!


More views of Coaster Plaza.


It *looks* like an Arrow Corkscrew...but it's not!


The 1950's American part of the park was actually kind of "cute."


Log Flume....yup.


"Hello girls!"


Yay! A birds eye view of the park!


I mean, who doesn't? Right?


Before saying our final goodbyes, we had one more stop to make in Tokyo....


That's right! Galaxy Express 999!


You guys ready to cap off the Japan trip with one of the most bizarre ride experiences ever?


First off, the back story...


The ride and pre-shows are all based on the anime movie/show of the same name...


There's the bad guys...


...and the good guys....


...and the train!


SPOILER ALERT! Why is this such a bizarre ride? Because you sit in fairly small seats, with not much of a headrest, you get launched out of the station, then a turn to the right, and into a vertical loop....all in the dark! It's very, very strange! But very cool!


Yoshinori from Intamin was here to hang out with us, and I think he appreciated us ending our trip on one of his rides!


Alright, TPR...this is it! The final ride of the trip! BLAST OFF!!!


Thank you to Nasu Highland for an awesome, awesome final park of the trip!!! Thank you to Intamin for having such an awesome ride to end our trip on! And thank you to all of our readers who have stuck with this report the entire time! You guys rock!!!

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Here is the indoor part! SPOILER ALERT! The riders get licked by a frog and then eaten by a bear. NOT KIDDING!


You also forgot the part where you come around a bend and see two dolphins with Jesus!!!!


OK, seriously, this is sounding like the greatest ride ever in the history of history. I need to see this.



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A couple of things, first off I have to say the framing in the videos is awesome Robb, nice work. Next, is it me or does Big Boom have the worst ending to a coaster ever? I mean a descent drop into the tire brakes into the station. It feels like a giant Japanese helix would have been a perfect ending after the big drop. Well I guess it does have that EPIC 22,000 foot lift hill in its favor, LOL. Now that the trip is over I guess I can go back to my boring life... Until the TDR pics are up that is.

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Thank you guys for the amazing reports. It's funny, my brother has been the one more into Japan than me, but something about this trip and what you showed us in all the pictures and clips really stood out. The great time and warm feelings you guys experienced came through to those of us back home. The POV's were really fun to watch. Of course, seeing a few familiar faces never hurts and Kidtums is so cute. Plus, it was just a good thing that TPR demonstrated real support in spirit and money to the Japanese people and economy. The confidence you all showed in the Japanese, I am sure was much appreciated by the locals. I was always more into Europe, but from what you've shown, I put Japan on an equal footing and would love to go experience that uniqueness in the future. I know the 'real' time reports take away from family and fun time, so thank you.

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Here is the indoor part! SPOILER ALERT! The riders get licked by a frog and then eaten by a bear. NOT KIDDING!


You also forgot the part where you come around a bend and see two dolphins with Jesus!!!!


OK, seriously, this is sounding like the greatest ride ever in the history of history. I need to see this.




I second this.


I like the way Dark Castle cranks up the atmopshere instead of just having random dark-ride gags pop up every few feet.

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I got nothing...


That right there is Bobby Ologun; racially offensive Japanese TV personality who proves that minstrel acts never died, they just moved across the Pacific. His fame as a comedic actor led to him deciding that he'd become an actual athlete, and in turn, the world was gifted moments like this one from New Years Eve 2006 at the Osaka Dome:


Hong Man Choi vs. Bobby Ologun

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And now....Theme Park Review presents to you...


The Ultimate TPR Tokyo Disney Resort Update - Part 1

(Ps. Part 2 has also been posted!)


During our visit to the Tokyo Disney Resort, between Hanno and myself, we took literally thousands of photos! It's taken me a while to sort through them all, and now I present to you a collection of about 500 different pictures and around 25 attraction videos taken during our visit. Grab some Black Pepper or Curry Popcorn, and get ready to browse through tons of photos and watch loads of video from one of the worlds most amazing theme park resorts!


Part 1 of 4 will start with DisneySea! Click the image below to take you to the update!




TPR is going to give away FOUR Japan/Tokyo Disney themed Bags-o-Crap! One for each Tokyo Disney Resort update we post! To enter to win one, all you have to do is POST YOUR COMMENTS to this thread! We will select at random one person between each of the updates posted to receive this awesome bag full of Japanese CRAP!


So click that "reply" button and POST YOUR COMMENTS!!!


Enjoy the updates!



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