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  1. I will really miss this ride. Fantastic post, Robb! You definitely encompassed the entire experience.
  2. Honestly, something tells me that Dinosaur! will just get an Avatar rehab. That's what my gut tells me, anyway.
  3. You guys are aware of the Marvel situation, yes. I'm reading alot of posts about DHS lacking in the "new attractions" catalogue. Disney bought Marvel and they're making an entire Marvel section in Hollywood Studios. Eventually. But this will also screw up IOA, in them having to either tear down all Marvel characters and likenesses, or pay hefty fees.
  4. I'm officially going to Titusville to buy a NASA jumpsuit. Did you price check them or just snap a shot?
  5. I dig this alot! The non inverted loop and cars remind me of Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, but still, that ride ain't bad. Plus it's got the impulse launches. Though, I foresee rollbacks in it's first month or so.
  6. Never been to HHN. This makes me that much more interested.
  7. Robb, First off dude, I have been following TPR since it started. I just don't post much. I follow and look at every trip and upcoming trips, but everytime I open the RSVP pages, I'm always bummed because I don't have time to travel, really, other than outside my state. So basically I'm wondering, could you guys make an Orlando trip, mayhaps? I live here and I'm a cast member at the World. I've always wanted to participate but could never!! Please please
  8. Alright so Six Flags Great America Cedar Point Holywood Studios Magic Kingdom EPCOT Animal Kingdom (I'm a cast member, have you noticed?) Busch Gardens Various carnivals, if they count. SO FAR DASSIT
  9. Hi everyone! I can't find any "Hollywood Studios Discussion thread"s, so I came here. Two questions about tower of terror; Does it still run random drop sequences? Is it true that the fifth dimension room has been diminished to a dark hallway?
  10. Quiiiiick question here.... Am I the only one that likes Mantis. That's the vibe I'm getting here. Not saying it's amazing or anything, but I wouldn't go ahead and bash it.
  11. I like the little arrow in the front of the Wooden Warrior train. Let's you know which way you're going. Seriously, though, I want to ride this thing. Coney Island looks great, too. I once went there with my uncle who lives in Grenich Village, but holy moley it's improved by a long shot.
  12. I recently came back from a trip to Cedar Point, and Top Thrill Dragster was having alot of problems. It was rolling back 3/4 times, practically, and there was at least 30 minutes of downtime between each roll back. I waiting in a 1.7 hour line, and about two trains before my ride, it rolled back for the first time that day. We stood there for at least another hour waiting for......whatever.........and I decided to bail. I watched the ride from all over the park for the rest of the day and noticed that the trains pretty much never made it over the top hat. The ride redeemed itself late
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