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  1. It would be interesting to see behind the scenes of the Halloween Events that Parks hold. What goes into planning the mazes/attractions? I would like to see the creative process but also how much work goes into setting up the event and what can happen during the events. I would also love to learn more about advertising techniques. Thorpe Park in particular always use outlandish stories (e.g. The Saw Maze using real urine) so it would be interesting to see how the shock tactics are thought up and whether they are effective. Also, the history of rides and how they can be moved from park to park, or adapted to be something different would be really interesting to see. I've always wondered what happens to defunct coasters. How do you scrap such a massive structure?
  2. ^ doesn't drink < doesn't drink v doesn't drink
  3. ^ Loud noises! < I love lamp. v People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.
  4. Words cannot express how much I need these! Are you willing to post to UK?
  5. After not playing games for a while (been busy with work) I have decided to not finish any games I have started and instead crack open Team Fortress 2! I've always loved the art style and have been meaning to play it for ages! After a couple of sessions I find that I normally play as BLU scout or RED engineer. But I also like playing a Pyro as well. Only downside is that now I'm addicting to playing this, all my other games have been forgotten about!
  6. ^ Made me lose the game < HULK RAGE at losing the game v Will end the "lose the game" segment
  7. ^ Last posted in this thread 5th April < Last posted in this thread AGES ago v Soon to be posting in this thread
  8. ^ I didn't see it. I didn't even know about til just now!
  9. The queue splits toward the end and you pick whether or not you want to ride at the front. Kind of like Stealth but the queues then rejoin, hence the need for tickets. I really want them to keep the actors. The Priest and the General guy were pretty terrifying.
  10. Just got back from Thorpe Park. I managed to get four rides in, two front row, one back and one middle. Got to say that the front row is totally worth it. Also its awesome when you sit on the outside seat. You can't actually touch the water which is a bit of a shame. The ride operations were good. The front row queue needs work as the ops kept getting confused about who was front row and who wasn't. Also toward the end of the day, it kept shutting because of technical difficulties. Engineers seemed to head to the brakes each time. Oh and the actors were really really good. I don't know if they are, but it would be really cool to keep them in all the time. Edit: Photos! Soldiers letting you into the Park I agree the wheels look a bit daft Stuck on the Lift Hill This girl was sobbing This girl was screaming and shouting at people This guy was really good. He made the day! My friend getting interviewed by the "news" channel My friend getting properly creeped out by the Priest
  11. I've actually got tickets for this Saturday where the Swarm will be running for the friends and family preview day. Will post some pics after. I also have tickets for this Saturday but I didn't realise Swarm would be running! It won't be open for rides yet though will it?
  12. It does but they have a media day and family day this weekend.
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