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  1. So it looks like it's the parade, the sing-a-long (in a different location) and the fireworks? Is that it or did I miss something? Great pics & report! I know with a 6 yr old princess, I'll be out there a lot this summer!
  2. GREAT Report! Discovery Cove is a great place to "get away from Orlando!" We often go without doing the dolphin interaction and just enjoy the day there. It's a great place and highly suggested! Did you not try the SeaVenture this time around?
  3. GREAT UPDATE. I really dig the interactive Constantine, especially with the real puppeteer himself. It's great to see people posting reports that had fun at the event. Seems like all people did was post negative things all night long instead of trying to enjoy it. I wish they would do a Muppet Meet and Greet!
  4. Remember that some Orlando area schools started back yesterday too. Seminole started classes while Orange, Osceola and Polk go back next week and teachers are back. Now, does this mean less people in the parks, somewhat but not massive amounts of people out of the parks. I enjoyed the update. I have steered clear of Universal since Potterland 2.0 opened as I don't want to deal with the craziness. Now that I see legit pictures of how it's calmed down, I might head down there. Thanks for the update.
  5. It looks like a fun event. Having a 5 yr old little girl, I know I'll be there multiple times this summer. Thanks for the great pics Robb and the quality video Attractions Magazine! Did they have any "Frozen Beverages" for us adults?
  6. They do the music part at 9PM. If you've got a ticket/AP you're allowed to watch the music. I've heard from people who've been to the tapings that they were allowed in the Studios side after taping the show.
  7. Looks like a heck of a time! I was planning to go but the little one came home from school Thursday night puking. Needless to say, I had my own 24 hour party that night that caused us to watch the live feed Disney had going. I hope they do it again next year. I'd really like to make it out one of the these years - Stupid work always gets in the way!
  8. Seeing this post is making me want to head down there now. Awesome stuff Adam! Robb, why didn't you try?
  9. It all looks great. I am not a Potter fan but Springfield and Duff is where you'll find me! Bummed Adam skipped a Duff Beer...
  10. YES! Orlando Brewing (Orlando), Florida Beer (Cape Canaveral), and Cigar City (Tampa) are all there this year. I'm glad to see Orlando Brewing getting into the action this year. Disney has been using some of their brew for the Summer Festival at Epcot (Can't remember the name of it) and now SeaWorld is using them. All make quality brews. I suggest the I4 IPA from Orlando and the Red. If you want to go to the brewery, it's about 15-20 minutes north of the theme parks (depending on traffic) and it's right downtown.
  11. Really bummed that Cigarz is going away. You can always get a good real beer there or the 32 oz Crudweiser for a few bucks. It's also where the locals go to get away from the craziness that happens. I'm sure sandwiches will help the bottom line more than a local booze and smoke shop, thus why it's going. I blame Potterland. Potter and his evil powers! The real question is, where can one get a real beer that's not one of the big three at Uni now? Before answering, do your homework to see how many so called "craft beers" really aren't as they're made by the big three under an umbrella name!
  12. Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town... The new expansion is awesome. I'm not really into Potter but we used to record every Simpson's episode on VHS tape (I'm old) and watch the hell out of them. This is awesome for me. I've been in Moe's and have seen other folks my age walk in and have the same look on their face as when their kid sees Potterland. It's an awesome experience for everyone! The Duff Beers are brewed by Florida Brewing out on the east coast. Quality brews. Duff Dry is similar to Orlando Brewing's Backwater Dry Porter. It's very tasty. Quality TR. Thanks for the update!
  13. This last update has to be the best update on the entire TPR website! Cheers!
  14. That looks like one fun ride! The shot of the suits drinking a beer on the ride made my day! If only we could do that everywhere!
  15. This might go above by threshold but after a few rounds at the Yunegling Brewery next door, I'll be able to handle it. It looks insane and that's simply Awesome.
  16. Great stuff! This coasters looks like a fast fun ride. Can't wait to see the BROLL.
  17. Great update. It's going to be awesome to finally be able to get a Duff Beer from Moe's! I might actually camp out the night before just to get that first picture! ANyways, Universal is doing a lot of great stuff. I'm not really excited about Potter (not into the books) but it's all fun for us!
  18. Shamu has really upped his game with Manta and now the Antarctica area. I know my little one is very excited about it opening soon. She always loved going into the old penguin area and watching them. It should be a really "cool" addition.
  19. Looks like I'll have to head to Fun Spot this summer! I'm psyched that SFOG's Wheelie will be here in Otown now!
  20. Sheryl has been on the theme park circuit before. She played Mardi Gras two years ago. It was like all the other bands, 75 minutes of their big songs and maybe a few new ones. I think it's great that between Universal, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, we have two months of mostly quality music to go hear. The $25 all you can drink deal at Busch Gardens is nice too, though it makes the 70 miles back to Otown a bit challenging!
  21. I too felt the 20 mile spectacular was far from anything quality. Wow, we ran under a red banner with 20 on it with Mickey, Donald and Goofy to the side. I didn't even stop to get a picture it was so basic. I enjoyed the change of running around the race track. That was neat, though not as cool as running the Daytona Half where you start and finish on the start/finish line of the Daytona 500 track. I didn't go in caring about my time due to the heat. I passed out a few weeks ago on a long training run in similar weather so I just took it easy. I got really bored coming out of WWoS. That was very similar to the ToT 10 miler but at least they didn't have us run in the very narrow dirt path to the back of WWoS. Those sponges going into WWoS were nice. I'm going back to the half next year. I like being done by 10AM and having a beer in my hand by 11.
  22. I just hope Special Agent Oso is out on the course! I don't want to pay to eat in order to see him. My four year old will go crazy if I get to see him! I remember seeing him years ago (before my little one came along) and didn't pay any attention to him...
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