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  1. I know where I'm going when I finally make it to Japan someday! I could almost go to DisneySea just for Journey!!
  2. I did Coasters in the Dark last year, and it was a lot of fun! Too bad I can't make it this year since I am leaving for a big trip the next day. Hopefully next year I can do it! Anyway, have fun whoever is attending! You will have a blast!!
  3. I'm so glad that the cast members and guests handled this situation perfectly. There was very little panic (only a startle at the beginning of the quake) and people listened to the instructions given by the cast members. Even though Sendai was flooded, it could have been a lot worse especially if it was in America. There would panic everywhere, and many more things would be destroyed. To show how much panic there would be here is a story from a couple days ago regarding Santa Cruz. A day after the earthquake occurred, a tsunami warning was issued for Santa Cruz and the coast of California. How people reacted was ridiculous. There was so much panic I was in disbelief. The freeways were jammed, people fled to the summit of mountains (hundreds of people stopped at the summit on highway 17), and people were thinking goodbye to Santa Cruz. I, being smart, thought that it might hit a little, but not much at all. I was correct. The only thing happened was 1 person was swept out to sea, and 70 boats were either damaged or sunk in the Santa Cruz harbor. Yes, that is some damage, but the boats are VERY vulnerable especially in a narrow harbor. How could people even think that Santa Cruz was going to be flooded. *facepalm* to whoever thought so. People need to be more prepared for this and not panic.
  4. Took 7 seconds to open on Firefox 4 Beta, but it took 5 seconds on Internet Explorer. EDIT: I also tried it on the iPad and it opened in 9 seconds.
  5. I just won for the first time on the claw! But instead of getting one ball, I got three! That was so awesome I'm gonna do it again tomorrow! Three ball win!
  7. This is a little late (by a couple weeks), but they did it! The Giant Dipper reached 1,000,000 riders in 2010! What a fantastic feat to accomplish again! Hopefully they can do it two years in a row in 2011!
  8. Just sent in mine! Doesn't have many, but I'm glad to voice my opinion! Here is what I sent in! My Favorite Steel Anypark Anywhere **,y,y,1 Giant Dipper Santa Cruz Bch Bdwk CA,y,y,2 Terminator Salvatio S. F. Magic Mountain CA,y,y,3 Roar SF Discovery Kingdom CA,y,y,4 Yankee Cannonball Canobie Lake Park NH,y,n,5 Colossus S.F. Magic Mountain CA,y,y,6 The Grizzly Great America CA,y,y,7 Giant Dipper is my favorite woodie for a few reasons! First it is a classic layout that is very enjoyable! Second it has lots of ejector airtime in the front! Third is that the tunnel at the beginning is one that few coasters can match. Fourth is that it has the perfect amount of roughness for me. Fifth is that it has a FANTASTIC view of the ocean and the rest of the Boardwalk. Termy is really close since I love the speed and out of control feeling, but not good enough to be better than Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz. On the topic of roughness, I like a wooden coaster that is rough. I like one rough enough to bounce you around in your seat, but not enough to hurt you or give you a bad headache.
  9. I am excited for Gwazi getting these Millenium Flyers! Hopefully now Gwazi will get the love it deserves since it does have an unusual and interesting layout. The themed grills also look nice on them. Also, anyone going out to BGT soon.? I love these pics, but I want to see a video as well! I would do it myself, but I don't live in Central Florida.
  10. This is something different... I don't know if it's a glitch, a hack, or a new thing where everyone starts like this. So many Santas!
  11. Asking random pointless questions works to get someone to say something! I asked "Do you like licking dungbeetles?" (Yes, very random) and someone said, "Nope." First time there has been an answer in over 5 hours! Yes I am that bored...
  12. Have 52 people in front of me at the moment! Been waiting since 6:30 or 6:40! Can't wait to play! I am a yeti and name is "rctcrazy". I started doing random things and no one in my line is doing anything! D: Edit: Also, the face on the avatar when Robb says "I have three boobs" is hilarious!
  13. Welcome back Big Mike! Been reading this topic ever since I was a "guest" on TPR! Just subscribed, and I found 4 ducks!
  14. For today's clues, I believe you went to the Palm Juremiah, Atlantis Hotel on the Palm Juremiah, Aquaventure waterpark at the Atlantis Hotel, The Leap of Faith Tower at Aquaventure, the Mosque at Sheikh Zayad on 83 B St., Magnolia Bakery in Bloomingdales (you can find this in New York City and Los Angeles [cupcakes are in the box]), the Burj Dubai, and Ski Dubai. Going towards the hotel. At the hotel. The road you were looking at on the top of the tower. The mosque you took a picture of. Same view of the picture you took, but at night. View of the fountains at the top. Same view going down the slopes, except it doesn't have Robb's lovely face in it. P.S. Google Earth helps A LOT!! Use this fantastic tool guys. That's how I found every picture and location.
  15. I believe you two are in Sweden. 1. There is a lot of blue sky in the Superman picture, which is one of the colors on the flag. 2. There are a lot of hot chicks in Sweden, hence the photo all the guys are staring at. 3. The picture on the plane where you said this a huge clue, there is a LOT of yellow and blue (the two colors on the Swedish flag). 4. The signs are in English since most people in Sweden know how to speak English. 5. There are a lot of snowy mountains in Sweden. 6. The flight path shows you guys going to a country across the Atlantic. 7. There is blue and yellow on the Singapore Airlines plane. 8. There is a Wagamama's location in Sweden and there is a lot of yellow and blue in that picture. This is my thought. Have fun wherever you are!
  16. I've been to CGA's Halloween Haunt on Sunday, October 17th and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Fright Fest Saturday, October 23rd. Both a lot of fun and I want to go to another!
  17. Last night was so much fun! I was going to post last night, but I was too tired to do so haha. There was a very small crowd there. Pretty much half to more than half of the people were from my school there. Longest line I had to wait in was 3 minutes for Toy Factory. All the rest of the rides/mazes were pretty much walk-ons. Halloween Haunt is so well done, and an improvement from last year. My favorite maze definitely has to be Toy Factory. CarnEvil was a lot of fun as well (the 3D glasses are totally worth the extra dollar). Werewolf Canyon, Club Blood, and Cornstalkers were also good. The only maze I didn't care for was Slaughterhouse. I don't know why, but I thought that one was kinda boring. Also, I like how Werewolf Canyon re-uses the Camp Gonnagetcha sign from last year's log ride theme. This year's log ride (Black Widow's Cavern) was a big improvement from last year. I love the fact that you are flying through these "caverns". I didn't get to see any shows since I was having too much fun on rides and mazes. Here is the maze/ride count last night: Flight Deck: 3x (in a row w/o getting off) Drop Tower: 1x Psycho Mouse: 1x Grizzly: 1x Invertigo: 1x Ghost Flyers (I think that's what they are called in October): 1x (the operators were lonely so I had to give them something to do) Celebration Swings: 1x Black Widow's Cavern: 3x Club Blood: 2x Cornstalkers: 2x CarnEvil: 1x Slaughterhouse: 1x Werewolf Canyon: 2x Toy Factory: 2x
  18. WOW! Great America sounds like it was packed last night! I'm glad I'm going tonight as there probably won't be much of a crowd due to rain and it being a Sunday night. Tomorrow I do not have school which is nice. I will be wearing a Club TPR shirt and will be with a couple of friends. I'll make sure to stop by and say hi to any fellow TPR members and ride ops.
  19. Just finished downloading the video! Gonna watch it when I get home (I am at school right now, ya I'm a rebel)! Can't wait and thanks again Robb!! Another reason why Club TPR is amazing!
  20. Great update as always! I was one of the "friends" brought along to ride again. Yes, I did realize the music has changed and I asked the Boardwalk's Facebook page why they changed it. Too bad the tourist wasn't going, but you are almost guaranteed to have something like that happen. I know that the Boardwalk is trying their HARDEST to make sure that everything is working for a great ride experience. On another note, I finally walked through the Fright Walk! It was a lot of fun and the gags can sometimes get you. The only issue I had was that it was a little too dark in there. I mean I had absolutely NO CLUE where I was going. I guess that's part of the "experience" though. I just would like it a little lighter, but not too light to show what creepy thing is up next to scare you. All in all great day at the Boardwalk!
  21. Went to Boardwalk again today to take pictures with coaster-crazy and my grandpa. We only rode one ride which was the Haunted Castle! UPDATE on Haunted Castle kinks: The speed of the cars slowed down much more this time so no more stopping at the end and missing the last scene (which I finally experienced correctly. It was amazing and so much fun!) The bridge timing is still late, and the tree is also still late. Another thing that was late was the dungeon guard. One thing that wasn't working was the second bust of the king in the banquet hall. Oh well, I can't really understand him anyway. Well, I don't know the next time I'm going to the Boardwalk so it might be a while before I post another update on the Haunted Castle. Until then, THE GUILLOTINE AWAITS YOU! Go ride the Haunted Castle and share your review of the ride!
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