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  1. Once the boring non-TPR gifts were open, the wait was finally over! Thanks once again to Robert (Bert425) for the lovely gifts! Now on to the photos! What's this? Toby investigates the contents of the box. Then Bowie shoves him out of the way to also investigate. I have received this lovely card. A Disney Princess light switch cover and bathtub treads (safety first!) Plus the super-mega-wicked-awesome book about the Disney Park Mainstreet windows! The book features windows from Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Paris Disneyland, Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland. Pictured: Marty Sklar and Tony Baxter. Blurb regarding the above. Thanks again! I positively love them !
  2. I have been diligently tracking/stalking my recipient's package (dirty! ) and finally got an updated message beyond that it arrived in a foreign country! According to the tracker, it is being redirected the the recipient's new address and will HOPEFULLY be there very soon.
  3. I have received my gift! I will wait until the 25th to actually open it, but based on the customs description, I'm pretty excited! Thank you very much Robert!! Toby is also excited
  4. I just came back from the post office and something special is on it's way to someone special (or completely average, I don't judge!)
  5. I find it odd that the Quantum would be retrofitted as opposed to rebuilding the Anthem of the Seas to suit the needs of the Chinese market. When it was first announced that Quantum would be repositioned, I was curious to know how it would be altered, but I had no idea they would be so extensive. I suppose it would make sense that the retrofits would be funded by the Chinese and perhaps they really wanted to Quantum. On an unrelated note, Kristin's clay Baymax is spectacular! Thank you for yet another amazing insight into your cruising adventures!
  6. A thought occurred to be just now that I haven't posted what I love yet! So sorry! I'm pretty easy going, but if it's Ariel/Mickey Mouse/Anything Disney Really I will LOVE IT! I do have an Ariel/Disney Princess bathroom that could certainly use more love.... If I think of something else, I will edit this.
  7. I opened my gift on Christmas, but was negligent in posting. Very pretty Amazon wrapping! I absolutely love it! There was a note included with the gift saying that there will be another package too. I have not yet received it, but will post when it does arrive. Thank you very much, Stacy!
  8. Dear Secret-Gift-Giving-Person, I have received part one (according to the attached note) of the gift. I will patiently wait until the second part arrives, and then impatiently wait until Yule to open them! Thanks a whole bunch!
  9. The gifts have been ordered/purchased and are due to arrive on Thanksgiving. I can't wait to get settled at my wrapping station and get these babies sent off to their new loving home!
  10. I'm so in again this year! Hopefully Canada Post will have their act together this year, and I will receive my surprise BEFORE Christmas (although it was fun to extend the gift opening to almost New Year's Eve). Bring it on TPR! Whatever you want to send me, I'll gratefully receive - but I do really love Disney (especially Ariel!)
  11. After being VERY concerned that something had happened to my postal worker, I quite happily came home to discover what I can only assume was my ChrisHanKwansivus gift! What's This? (Feel free to continue singing the song!) At this point, I was jumping for joy! I love the "rustic" wrapping! Gift # 1 - Also squeal # 1 Gifty # 2 - Even Louder Squeal! This was hiding in the corner and has covered my house in awesome red glitter! I stopped jumping up and down long enough to take this! Now the gorgeous ornaments are chilling with my Club TPR ornament on my tree! Thank you ever so very much Robb and Elissa! I will treasure everything for years to come!
  12. According to the post office tracker, my sent package "has arrived in a foreign country" and is due to be delivered in an oh-so-vague 4-10 business days! At least I know it's on its way!
  13. ^ Why is this the first I am hearing of a Domo-ster? I must say that I am insanely jealous!
  14. I'm off to the Post Office once I am done typing this! Which would be right.......NOW!
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