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  1. Loved all the Tokyo DL/sea reports!!! Sad they are over, can't wait for more trip reports.
  2. I have been so excited to read all about Tokyo DL and Disney Sea!!!! You always post epic trip reports. Because of your trips there I'm trying to plan a trip out there myself!! Can't wait for Part 2
  3. 1 HOUR!!! 1 HOUR?!?!? They said we only worked 1 HOUR!! I was out in the Princess Fantasy Faire from 12-5!! I have TONS of pictures.
  4. HI everyone, First I want to thank you all for voting and being so supportive and helping me with trying to win my Dream Job at Disneyland. To let you all know....I WON!!! So June 9-12 I will be at Disneyland being a "Princess In Waiting" (actual day of job is June 11, I'll mainly be performing at Fantasy Faire). I hope to see some of you there. Everyone is welcome to come and watch/meet me. Thanks again for all the votes!! Below are the links to the official announcements: http://www.disneylandnews.com/article_display.cfm?article_id=217&view_id=5829 and http://www.careerbuilder.com/disneydreamjobs/view-winners.asp Robb & Elissa- this is the perfect time for Kidtums to meet her first 'Disney' Princess- a TPR fan Princess! (Reminder: I'm JorDanrella- the girl dressed up as Cinderella in the Princess In Waiting category.)
  5. Guilty I have 5: Old Shuffle New Silver Shuffle (before the colored ones came out, now I need one of those) Green Nano Pink Mini 30GB Black Video I am never without one, always have it on. Great invention to ignore co-workers with.
  6. Thank you so much for all the votes!! Today is the LAST DAY to vote, so if you can help me out 1 last time. I'm heading to Vegas today for my Birthday, so I won't be able to vote. So a few more votes for my birthday would be nice> http://www.careerbuilder.com/disneydreamjobs/dream-job-applicant.asp?jtid=5&ytid=KznRyhC1geE
  7. We have NO clue on how we are doing. I can look on Youtube and see how many views my video has gotten, but that most likely won't even be close to what the actual number is. That's why it's just best to keep our heads down and keep voting- cause you never know....
  8. Thanks so much for all your support and kind words. I appreciate it. Only 4 days left of voting....So my last plea... Please help me out and vote as much as you can and get everyone you know to throw in a few votes too! http://www.careerbuilder.com/disneydreamjobs/dream-job-applicant.asp?jtid=5&ytid=KznRyhC1geE Thanks again!!!
  9. 8 more days left of voting..... http://www.careerbuilder.com/disneydreamjobs/dream-job-applicant.asp?jtid=5&ytid=KznRyhC1geE Keep it up! Thanks so much!
  10. Glad she is doing better. She is the CUTEST! Love the hair......but watch out when the balding happens in a few months. Congrats.
  11. haha I'm almost to that point of paying people! JK! 15 more days of voting...... yuck
  12. Keep up the good work guys. Thanks so much for voting. I have 19 more days of voting ahead of me....I'm about to go crazy!!! And no acting for me! I used my work voice in the video, so that was enough for me!! Thanks again!!
  13. I just found out some Important voting information.... You have to view the video as many times as you vote. Meaning if you voted 10 times and only watched the video once, it will only count as 1 vote. They are synching the votes with the videos. So by the end of the day if I have 2000 votes and only 250 votes...it'll only count as 250 votes total. They keep changing things on us! So Keep on voting and viewing. Thanks for the support!!!!
  14. Hullo Everyone, Once again I'm in dire need of your help! Disney came out with a contest to celebrate their new theme "Year of a Million Dreams". They are holding a contest right now where you can win your Dream Job for Disney for 1 day, with 5 jobs to apply for. I, of course, applied for the Princess In Waiting job. I was selected from hundreds of videos to be a Top 20 Princess In Waiting Finalist. From March 6th-30th everyone must go vote at http://www.careerbuilder.com/disneydreamjobs/dream-job-applicant.asp?jtid=5&ytid=KznRyhC1geE (if that link doesn't work, go to http://www.careerbuilder.com/disneydreamjobs/home.asp and click on "Princess In Waiting". I am the 3rd video on the top, dressed as Cinderella standing by a tree.) THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! The voting system is an open ended voting. So you can repeat your votes OVER AND OVER!! DO NOT hit enter when submitting your vote, it will NOT count as a vote, you must click Vote! Make sure the watch the video quite a few times as well-- video views count as well as the votes!!! I am begging you, PLEASE vote as much and as often as possible and spread the word to EVERYONE you know. Dedicate an hour each day if you feel the need to help me make my dream come true. They select 5 Grand Prize Winners in each Category to go live their dream job for 1 day. Please help me FINALLY fulfill my Disney dream of being a Princess. I have a 1 in 4 chance of winning, but don't just count me as a shoe-in- EVERYONE needs to vote in this nation-wide contest! I know your wondering what the Grand prize all includes: a 4 day/3 night trip to Disneyland for me and my family- all expenses paid. Then one of those days I 'work' for Disney and all dressed up perform my duty of Princess In Waiting. They don't let you know exactly what you do for the job until you win. Of course I do invite EVERYONE to go to Disneyland with me while I perform my Dream Job... if I win. So once again Please help me be a Princess!! Forward this email to all your friends, family, co-workers, networks, blogs, websites....everyone and everything! Only you can help make my Dream finally come true. I also, HIGHLY recommend you vote for these people in the other categories: Pirate Apprentice: William Bean "Pirate to Principal" Jungle Cruise Skipper: "Check Out His Chin" Chin Skipper Thank you so so so so much!!!! I appreciate all your love, support and friendship! JorDan Leigh Tripp "JorDanrella"
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