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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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So, does Divertical count as a credit?


You are free to count anything you want as a credit.


I can't want for the day people stop asking this question about this or that ride. Unfortunately, that day will also be the end of the world.

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^I don't know, I think I see a pretty hefty investment in that image once you consider all the site work and theming (which we do not have a lot of information on yet) that the ride will call for. And yes, the lift system has to be driving that price up quite a bit due to the sheer height of it.

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Mirabilandia has sent us a press release about Divertical opening in June 2012!


From now on the official website of the park http://www.mirabilandia.it, thanks to a special interface you can customize one of the boats DIVERTICAL, the highly anticipated new water coaster in Mirabilandia, patterns and coloring it and adding graphics to your liking - The 11 best boats will actually realized and the "inventors" will be among the invited guests of honor on the opening day of the attraction, scheduled for June 2012


New, highly anticipated D-Day for fans of Mirabilandia, where you will find that you can customize the new 2012's biggest amusement park in Italy with its own flair and flavor. And not any attraction, but DIVERTICAL, the highest water coaster in the world.


And 'the opportunity that now offers its Mirabilandia fans on the web. Just go to the home page of the official park website and click on the space http://www.mirabilandia.it http://www.mirabilandia.it/divertical/. A special interface allows you to choose colors and graphics with which "dress" one of the boats DIVERTICAL, queen of the 2012 season attraction dedicated to the world of offshore, powerful motorboats called the Formula One of the sea. The 11 most beautiful and original proposals for graphic combinations and choices are actually made and used in the attraction, and the authors will be invited as guests of honor at the inauguration of DIVERTICAL, scheduled for next June. A great way to get to that part of the history of the park with your personal touch.


With DIVERTICAL, the tallest coaster in Italy, with 60 meters in height and a top speed of 110 km. times along a path full of curves with two dizzying "aquaplaning" Mirabilandia complete the three aces made by the thrill of the new attraction, from KATUN, inverted coaster fastest and highest in Europe, and ispeed, to launch the magnetic attraction that gives thrilling and breathtaking acceleration changes.


"We decided to give fans a unique and totally unrepeatable put his" signature "of Divertical customizing one of the hulls - says Riccardo Capo, CEO of Mirabilandia -. It's a way to reward the passion and the enthusiasm with which our fans are following the realization of this great attraction that will forever change the face of Mirabilandia. Divertical fact not only is the Water Coaster highest in the world, but thanks to its imposing size and its innovative concept will become a symbol of the Park. Do not forget that Divertical will also be the tallest coaster in Italy and finished on the first step of a podium with Katun and iSpeed ​​belongs totally to Mirabilandia."


Meanwhile, as work proceeds on the building, on the web are growing "rumors" about the new attraction, with thousands of blogs and forums dedicated to lovers DIVERTICAL social network.



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Mirabilandia has sent us a press release about Divertical opening in June 2012!


Good to finally hear a target opening date. Hopefully it's ready in time for our stop on the Italy tour.... However knowing how Intamin is with water rides (or anything really) I won't hold my breath.

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