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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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It might just be me, but it seems like this possibly could be a mini-version of Pilgrim's Plunge. I'm not sure why, but those supports seem like they wouldn't be on a ride as big as Pilgrim's Plunge. I'm probably wrong though.


Whay a mini-version, Pilgrim's Plunge is 135 ft. The one in Mirabilandia supposed to be 180 ft.

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@the last 5 posts: sometimes i think no one reads the posts before... it'`s really sure that it will be the same style of ride like pilgrims plunge! it is nearly 99% sure that it will be a ride like this with an elevator... the only point that is not sure is that after the first drop there is rumored from many reliable resources that there will be a short coaster part after the first drop!


so Known: Elevator and FirstDrop like PilgrimsPlunge and just short watercontact (no splash down) and the name:"the edge"

Rumored:Short coaster-part after the First Drop with final splashdown.


The only thing i wonder is how they will reallize a coaster track with this kind of track, if i saw it right the middle rail is the only rail that holds the trains on the track... enough for just a drop, but i wonder how they will do it on the coaster part. But maybe i am wrong and they use normal upstop wheels,or it will have just straight track with hills or it will really just be a little bit different copy of pilgrims plunge.


I think this are the only 3 options which are left to discuss.

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^You would think since Pilgrim's Plunge cost around $4 Million. I wouldn't think the extra height would increase the cost by that magnitude, so there has to more than the lift and drop.


After seeing that video above, I am kind of curious what part of boat racing involves a elevator lift and a 180' drop.

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Wow! They put this up quick!


I do have one question though. (This isn't necessarily about this particular ride with it's rumored coaster section and little water contact) Watching videos of Pilgrims Plunge and having ridden Shoot The Rapids, I don't know what I think about this ride system. The boats almost seem too light and connected in a weird way so that there' s so little splash and they just knock around in the channel. Also, when the water level is high like in

(even though I know this is the first day of testing), it stops almost immediately when it hits the water.


I hope this ride isn't like that.

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what i can imagine, because of the rail system, with the middle rail which holds the train on track, that they will add some airtime hills after the first drop.I don`t think this system works well for highspeed curves!But it would be cool to get down the first drop and after this 2-3 airtime hills following in a row and the last one ends in an splash down.... but maybe i´m wrong and curves are no problem. Would be nice to see the building area from a top view... maybe this would show a little bit more about the layout


EDIT: found this old picture before they started building this.... looks really huge for just a Pirlgrims Plunge Clone (compared to the size of i-speed in the front). Now i am starting to think that it will have maybe one big airtimehill after the first drop, after the drop the track goes back up, maybe into a block brake, then followed by a turnaround, drop and then maybe one last airtimehill with a final splash down! It´s my opinion because this whole area is really long and with a turnaorund in the toplevel, they could brake it down and use more boats without a second lifthill.But i don`t know if they were really going to use the whole area. What do you think. Here is the photo:


made a trashy FANTASY-Layout scribble in paint (my netbook has no other programm ), but it´s really completly Fantasy, i don´t even know if the position of the tower or the height are nearly correct... just what i could think what will be possible with this kind of rails/ride and on this huge area, so remember "not the actual layout-it`s a complete fantasy layout" but one possible option and i hope we will soon see the track go up again:



Source of pic: http://www.rollercoasterrevolution.eu/ultime-notizie/785-nuove-foto-dal-cantiere-della-novita-2012-di-mirabilandia.html

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