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Mirabilandia Discussion Thread

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Looks like a second Pilgrims Plunge to this redhead.




45-degree support, followed by a vertical support, followed by a steep support. Looks like the descent is going to be completely straight until it levels off, much like Pilgrims Plunge...

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You mean a TROUGH???


(And you're an engineering student?!?!?!?!?!?!)

Yee-es. Yes I do.


And I'm only one-third engineering student now (my change of major got approved just about six hours ago!), so for every one thing I get right I will automatically get two things wrong.


A trough is still a dish-thing though. I'm a simpleton.

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The rumors in a german coaster page said that it will indeed be like Pilgrims Plunge in the beginning... A huge elevator and the 45 degree steep drop, and with a little water contact, but not that it will be stopped by it... just a short contact maybe to brake it down like on Krake from Heidepark! Because the rumor also mentionend that after the first drop and a little water contact a short coaster part will follow, with some curves and the final splash down into the water! Hope that it will be like this like said before... I'm looking forward to it, whatever will come!


But what i have to mention is that i never read on a german page it will be aquatrax, everytime i read about it, it was mentioned that it will be more like pilgrims plunge but with a small coaster part. I think this is why here in the forum the aquatrax rumor started to rise. Here is one of the best sources, everything they have written ( in german) some months ago, was right till now, maybe even the name "the Edge": http://coastersandmore.de/rides/achterbahnneuheiten2012/achterbahnneuheiten2012.shtml

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